Number 8 Meaning

Number 8 Meaning

The symbolism of Number 8 (Ogdoad)

The esoteric meaning of the number eight is that it symbolizes the holding, with the fate of its inevitability, the harmony, the law of cause and effect. Occultist M. Debarrol claimed that eight – a “global balance of things in a similar harmony of opposites.” In his divine aspect of eight, according to representations of the Möbius, expressed “great metaphysical idea of ​​balance weights” and stands as a symbol of the highest compliance polar began. In its natural aspect eight symbolizes the law of cause and effect, the violation of which will inevitably lead to the balancing effect of the force nature. In human terms the number eight means Themis principle also means inevitable punishment and retribution in the event that the balance will be broken and the moral foundations would be swayed.

Eight is a graphical representation of the eight-pointed star, or so-called “Ezekiel’s Wheel”, which is a rotating circle, divided into eight parts. Eight-pointed star in the Russian spiritual tradition called the “star of the Virgin.”

Attributes and essence of Eight

As the number of Justice, eight contains Higher neutral force, which does not give preference to any one of two equal parts that make up the image.

Higher expression of this neutral force in the human realm is well documented Moebius:
“Four is opposed four, ie, the form – the form, the authority – authority; adaptation – adaptation. You insulted someone (form), you have to apologize (form), and you have created a revolutionary government (authority) – he oppose dictatorship (another authority) you manage to bypass or break the law – the police will fit something else to catch the perpetrators. This is a common form of karma, as well as human justice. In contrasting forms of magic prevails in politics – the opposition authority, in the economic area – the opposition adaptation (supply and demand). ”

Number eight is considered sacred before, first, because it was among the first cube has eight vertices, and second, because it has eight nodes and is an example of an even-even number close to the number 10.

Describing the secret meanings inherent in the semantic space of eight Manly Hall wrote:
“Eight is divided into two sets of four, each quartet is divided into two, and each is divided into two units, thus restoring the monad of keywords to the Ogdoad -” love “,” board “arrangement”, “law” and “agreement.”

Ogdoad was a mysterious number associated with the Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece and Kibirskimi Mysteries of Samothrace. It was called the small sacred number. It borrows its form from two intertwined snakes on the Caduceus of Hermes and partly from the winding motion of heavenly bodies, perhaps, from the movement of the moon. ”

Blavatsky gives information taken from the Eastern esotericism, according to which eight acts not only as a static symbol of balance, but also as the embodiment of the continuous motion of the universe. She writes:
“Ogdoad or Eight symbolizes the eternal and spiral motion of cycles 8 and, in turn, is symbolized by the caduceus. It shows the proper breathing cosmos, led eight Great Gods – seven from the Eternal Mother of the One and the Triad. ”

Similar idea holds Serbian occultist and numerologist Simovic. He believes that eight is a symbol of change, change, rotation, new. It serves him as a double square in which one four relates to the other.

Eight should also be considered as the beginning of a new space after the octave of seven notes, or cycles, the previous octave. Because it so often equated with the achievement of a high degree of dedication. Hence the eight steps of Raja Yoga, the royal eightfold path of the Buddha, an eight upward path in the Hermetic tradition, the concept of the eight chakras, which places eighth invisible center of the head of a man, that is already out of the body and spine.

X. E. Kerlot describes the properties of the numbers as follows:
“Eightfold relating to the two squares and octagons, is mediating between the square shape (or earthly order) and circle (the eternal order) and, therefore, a symbol of regeneration. Due to its shape, this figure is associated with two entwined snakes magic wand that mean the balance of opposing forces or equivalent authority of the spiritual and the natural, it also symbolizes the – again, because of its shape – an eternal heaven spiraling movement (represented by the double sigmoid line – the sign of infinity) . Due to its involvement in the regeneration, eight in the Middle Ages was the emblem of water baptism. Moreover, in the medieval mystic cosmogony it represents the fixed stars of the sky, means overcoming the planetary influence. ”

Eight is considered a sacred number in the Indian tradition, where it symbolizes the eight different aspects of the sacred syllable of the Absolute – OM. This is indicated by P. Sedir:
“And OM is composed of eight parts, because he has eight forms:” A “is the first letter” Y “- the second, IM” – the third, the “spiritual embryo” (Bindu) – Fourth, the “spiritual sound” (Nada) – Fifth, the “time” (Nala) – The sixth, “The fact that on the other side of time” – the seventh and “the fact that the other side of all of the above” – ​​the eighth. ”

We may recall the figure of Shiva, who, according to legend, “eight mouths to feed, or form: the five elements, the sun, the moon and the earth.”

I should say that the magic wand Caduceus, is a rod entwined by two serpents entwined (symbol Kundalini), is directly related to the symbolism of the eight.

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