Number 2 Meaning

Number 2 Meaning

The symbolism of the Number 2 (Douad)

Esoteric symbolism of two is that it is a reflection of the first one and therefore symbolizes the one hand, the idea of ​​contrast, a single division, and on the other hand, consistency and uniformity of opposed forces, properties or concepts. In his divine aspect deuce embodies the principle of the divine substance (Divina Substantia), Maya, throws light on the cover like a single spiritual being. In the aspect of natural (space) represents two of the substantial character of cosmic consciousness as a single reality which like a mirror reflects the subtle glow of the One Spirit. In humans, there are two aspects, on the one hand, the symbol of the dual Androgyne separating human being on the nature of women and men, on the other hand, is a symbol of femininity and the appearance of the first differences.

Graphic representation of two is the so-called “sun cross”, symbolizing fertilization pipe (spirit) horizontal line (matter). Another symbol is the crescent moon with two stripes, which in turn represents the rib of Adam, which was created out of a woman.

Attributes and essence of two

Duality behind the number itself, it determined the two values, one of which is the symbol of ignorance (consequence of the division, naturally leads to the next stage of degradation – ignorance), and a symbol of a common wisdom (which comes from the dual nature of overcoming ignorance). Pythagoreans, not loved deuce for insertion into the world top division, gave her the words Manly Hall the following symbolic names: “The spirit of evil, darkness, inequality, instability, mobility, daring, courage, controversy, matter, dissimilarity, the separation between the multiplicity and the monad , defect, shapelessness, uncertainty, harmony, tolerance, root, root of a mountain, the source of ideas, opinions, error, variability, shyness, impulse, death, motion, generation, separation, length, growth, addition, Union, unhappiness, impressiveness, marriage , soul, and science. ”

Researcher symbolism of numbers VN Axe said the following properties of two: “The number 2 is the basis of binary oppositions in which mythopoetical rannenauchnye and traditions describe the world. It refers to the idea of ​​complementary parts of the monad (male and female as two values ​​category of sex, the sky and the earth, day and night, as the values ​​assumed by the space-time structure of the space), to the theme of parity, in particular, and such aspects as parity duality, duplicity, bliznechestva. ”

Possible to understand the essence of two particularly with regard to the identity and the concept of divisibility. If a sacred entity that is a deuce in a constant state of stress is never exposed to the division, the two, the first even number, divisible, but from a metaphysical point of view, it comes down to one. Dugin to emphasize the negative attitude to deuce religions and traditions, writes that “in Hinduism 2 corresponds to Prakriti or, in other words, the Purusha (1) plus his denial (Prakriti), which collectively provides the first ontological dyad.”

Parity in the sacred science of numbers is always correlated with the substance and its property division by the same number of parts as odd was the symbol of the spirit, or even entirely undivided or divided by the number of unequal parts.

Succinct description of the sacred essence and attributes of two gives X. E. Kerlot “Two means” echo “, reflection, conflict and contrast or opposition, or instant calming forces are in equilibrium, the number also corresponds to the passage of time: the line going from the past to the future, it is expressed geometrically two points, two lines or angle. It also represents the first intangible core of matter, the nature in its opposition to the creator, the moon, as opposed to the sun. In all of the esoteric tradition deuce seen as something sinister: it meant the shadow of all things and bisexuality or dualism (presented in the famous myth of the Gemini) in the sense of connecting link between the mortal and immortal, or between the same and changing. In the mystical symbolism of the landscape in two megalithic culture associated with the mountain in a mandorla, the central point of the symbolic transformations of forming the crucible of life and includes two opposite poles: good and evil, life and death. In addition, two – a number that is associated with the Magna Mater (Great Mother). ”

Kabbalistic tradition, by contrast, deuce is the divine wisdom that can reflect the light of the Supreme Spirit, without making the process any distortion. On notions Shmakov two personified the divine Isis is “the Second Person of the Absolute First Cause – One Universal Spirit,” expressing a “Global Passive (reflecting) Start of” principles of knowledge, based on the ability of the human mind – “antinomy.”

Examples are two manifestations of all dualistic model of the world, found in a variety of traditions – Gnosticism, Manichaeism, the Chinese philosophy of nature, with its division of the year into two halves – the Yin and Yang, the dual forces of alchemy, the right and the left column in the Kabbalistic Tree of the Sefirot, the King and Queen in Alchemy. Agni Yoga speaks of duality as a cosmic principle of being associated with the action of the Divine Illusion and the duality of human nature, which is hampering the acquisition of evolutionary unity.

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