Number 5 Meaning

Number 5 Meaning

The symbolism of the Number 5 (pentad)

The esoteric meaning of the number five is that the five expresses the idea of ​​the “perfect man” with developed will, able to put yourself in the center of the cross of the elements and to manage them. In his divine aspect of the five is a symbol of the spark of the Absolute – the Monad, which is a customized part of the whole. By definition Shmakova “each individual monad – a ray emanated Deity is a certain aspect of the Godhead and the universe.” In the natural aspect of the five means the cosmic sphere with the four elements and the sides of the world, to manage a single top tier – Spirit at the center. In other words, the manifestation of the five in the realm of nature may be referred to as a process of spiritualization of nature or the cosmos. In the aspect of human nature symbolizes the five closed and infinite microcosm Insider Hierophant Magician at the center of the four elements and control both external and internal natural forces.

Five is a graphical representation of a pentagram – a five-pointed star, serving either forward or in reverse, that is upside down. Schools and various secret orders fit into the pentagram figure of a man or a goat. If the pentagram straight, then head placed in the highest point, and placed his hands and feet – in other corners of the figure. If the pentagram is reversed, or inverted, then the figure, which are entered into her dark orders and schools, is the figure of a goat, who represents the devil, the father of lies, the bearer of evil. Both direct and inverse pentagram used in occult practices: direct pentagram – in white traditions and orders for protection against evil forces, shocks, curses envoltatsy inverse pentagram – in black boxes and centers for strikes, inducing destructive forces, weaken, or even the death of the enemy. It was believed that the fifth Sephira Sephiroth Tree – Geburah, serving as the basis of the inverted pentagram, participated in the practice of so-called “revival of the left hand” (K. Agrippa), then mage ability to instill fear and paralyze the will of the living beings.

Attributes and essence of the five

Essence marks, and its purpose is derived from its origin, which is considered sacred esoteric teachings and connect with the union even and odd numbers (3 +2), that is, with the sacred cosmic marriage of heaven and earth. Individualized beginning, divine spark, a microcosm in nature are always on the lookout for, stress and improvement. Home symbolized five, seeks to break out of prison grubomaterialnoy incarnated existence of freedom and power over the elements and forms of this world.

Manly Hall gives the following description of the characteristics of the pentad:
“The Greeks pentagram was a sacred symbol of light, health and vitality. It also symbolizes the fifth element, ether, because it is free from the influence of the lower four elements. It is called equilibrium, because he shared the perfect number 10 into two equal parts.

Pentad is symbolic of Nature, because, being multiplied by itself, it comes back to him, just as the wheat produced in the form of seed, pass through a natural process and reproduce seeds of wheat in the form of the final form of its own growth. Other numbers, when multiplied on themselves, give the other numbers, but only 5 and 6 returned with its original number as the last digit in the product. ”

Five, as a symbol of dominion over the natural forces of the Spirit, has always expressed the idea of ​​man’s struggle with his lowest, death, nature, to reach a state of immortality. The fifth element – Spirit or Higher Will – like a sword strikes lower matter of the soul because of alchemy, according to Gustov Merinka, this practice was called “remelting corpse into a sword.” This writes and Manly Hall: “For philosophers were used to hide the element of earth under the symbol of the dragon, and many of the heroes was instructed to go and slay the dragon. Then they pulled out his sword (the monad) and stabbed him in the body of the dragon (Book). This completes the formation of the pentad, a symbol of the victory of the spiritual nature of the material. ”

Five essence becomes clear when considering the numbers of those who in various combinations are the number 5. Since 1 +4 is already considered a symbol of triumph over mind over matter. Cherished biblical tradition all forms of matter, including the subtle substance of the soul in its heavenly state, identified with the number of 4 – hence the symbol of the four rivers flowing to the Garden of Eden, a movement which was dominated by the cherub Ezekiel, the ability to rotate the four elements like a wheel. In the case before us the code! 4 +1 = 5, then defeated the Spirit of the action of natural forces.

If we present the top five as a result of the addition of three and two, then it could be a perfect or tending to the perfection of man. If 5 = 2 +3, then this combination represents a black magician, that is what this case says Blavatsky: “The number five was made up of Dvoyachnosti and the Trinity, and of them is made Dvoyachnost disorder and confusion in all that was the perfect form” . “The Secret Doctrine” has a deep mystical sense generalized characteristic five, in which different traditions have seen different aspects: a five-member rights, the principle of individual self-identity Manas, the “quintessence of the world, the vital fluid or life” (Ragon, Agrippa, Moebius)

“It symbolizes the spirit of eternal life at the same time and the spirit of life and human love – in human complex, and it involves the divine and infernal magic, and the global and individual quintessence of life. Thus, the five mystical words or vowels uttered by Brahma “creation”, which later became Pantadasha (some Vedic hymns attributed it to God), are in the creative and magical potentiality of a white part of the five black Tantric Ma-kara, or five M. Makar, the constellation is like a pointless and ridiculous word, however, even apart from his anagrammatically values ​​in conjunction with the term Kumar, the numerical value of its first syllable and its esoteric resolution number five is of considerable importance in the occult and mysteries of nature. ” (Constellation Ma-car contains the key to the correct interpretation of his name as “ma” is 5, “penalty” – a hand with five fingers, that is, the Pentagon or the five-pointed star.)

H.E.Kerlot number 5 gives a similar response:
“Five symbolizes human health and love, as well as the quintessence of acting on matter. This number includes four extremity of the body, plus the head that controls them, and the four corners of the world together with the center (7). Hieros gamos (sacred marriage) is the number five, because it was a union of the principle of the sky (three) with the principle of the Great Mother (two). Geometrically five is the pentagram or five-pointed star. It corresponds to a pentagonal symmetry, the general characteristics of organic nature, the golden section (as seen by the Pythagoreans) and the five senses, represent the five “forms” of matter. ”

Five, were also engaged in a prominent place in the biblical symbolism, individualizes the principle of movement, searching, dynamic balance, activity.

Full description of the principle of the fivefold underlying number five gives Kerlot:
“Traditionally, the number five represents the fall of man, but, being attached to the worldly order of things, it means health and love. Esoteric doctrine sees it not as a consequence, and as the cause of the presence of the five limbs on the hands and feet of man.

The connection of the number five with the human body, inherent in the Romanesque period, spread all over the world, from England to the Far East. Agrippa Nettesleymsky described the image of a man with outstretched arms and legs, the appropriate pentagram. Including five based on a lot of charms and amulets – not only in relation to the human body, health (or physical integrity), and love, but also because it represents the fivefold the material world (expressed fourfold) plus center or fifth (highest) essence: In Morocco, for example, to protect themselves from the evil eye, repeat the phrase – “anchovy fi Aynek” (“five in your eye”). Some Islamic rituals and concepts formed with the fivefold: There are five religious duties, the five keys to secret knowledge, the five main prayers and five times repeated sacred oath. The Chinese five is the most important numbers. Fivefold as a whole represents a natural rhythm of life, cosmic world order. By fivefold “models” were formed (among others) the following groups: five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), five natural forms (metal, plants, water, fire, earth), five colors (white, black, blue , red, yellow), five musical tones (bronze, stone, silk, wood and clay), five major landscapes (mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, hills and fields, springs and wetlands).”

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