Soul urge Number 8

Soul urge number 8

The Soul urge Number 8

Eight – the Soul urge number of people who are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month. This is the Soul number of confidence and certainty, it is also a number of puzzles. His owners mostly misunderstood, even close friends and relatives. “Eight” – hard-working employees, who take everything easy on themselves, in their hands the impossible becomes possible. It introverts, they secretive, patient, deep, serious, melancholy, reflective, having inner peace and balance. The main vibration of Soul urge number 8: satisfaction, achievement, striving for success, power, and recognition.

In public organizations, groups, societies with which they are associated, and who devote their whole life, “eight” very sincere. They do not take much help from others, because basically they like to do everything yourself and do not like to go for help. In “eights” strong drive, which can sometimes be impenetrable, but developed the ability to discern. Their willpower and give them a serious force to cope successfully with any projects. Although the “eight” all the time on the way and met many obstacles, delays, failures, and their strong personality, perseverance, and patience will lead to the fulfillment of the goal, and so they leave their mark on history.

People with Soul urge Number 8 believe in life. And usually they are born to devote themselves to selfless service to humanity. Their life is full of struggle, they do not depart until they reach the desired goal, so the “Eight” – the good soldiers, politicians and scientists. This is revolutionary in nature, which may be associated with dramatic changes in society caused by sometimes devastating effects. Meanwhile, the “eight” are trying to humbly dedicate his life to sacrifice for the sake of the poor and oppressed. Their lives are unpredictable. Unexpected changes and constantly “eights” in tension and force to adapt to new circumstances. This prevents an understanding of their relatives and friends. That is why they often perceived wrong.

Because of their natural inclination to solitude, darkness, lack of humor, an inability to appreciate the joke, the indifference to it, they feel very lonely. Their lifestyle makes them antisocial. People with Soul urge Number 8 have very few real friends who are able to recognize the delicate and vulnerable nature, deeply hidden in their personality. Externally, they are tough, but internally very gentle, polite, boldly look to the face any difficulties arise, and to protect the interests of his friends, save them under any circumstances, but, however, so they can amass a worst enemy. When the “eight” are angry, you irritate others and may ruffle even the most patient. They did not calm down until until smash their enemies in pieces; they harbors malice in my heart forever, patiently waiting for the right moment to attack enemies. They met defeat with a smile and change your strategy, but not calm down until then, until revenge.

It is the extremists who go to extremes, and in friendship and in hatred. People with Soul urge Number 8 are not satisfied with modest success, and strive to the highest honors. They consider their work and strive to fulfill the ministry, what would not engage, just tremendous things. They hate the hypocrisy, deceit, and ourselves are very honest, practical and smart. They are wise at an early age and gain the ability to judge other people. They feel their difference from other people and make things that are prohibited by law and society. “Eight” is not subject to existing regulations and come into conflict with the social and moral attitudes. “Eight” – the materialists who care primarily about financial security, even though they do not chase the money. They love their own ideology, and can for the money to do any work. But after they could spend it all on the other, it is not as prone to selfish motives, expecting nothing in return. They can not spend money on themselves or their family members.

Up to 35 years, People with Soul urge Number 8 generally can not save money for their lives and meet with several financial crises. But after 35 years, “eight” are able to open a bank account. They begin to like to watch for an increase in their bills, and they are no longer easy to spend money. After earning enough money, they are trying to develop their mental qualities – to understand the occult, religion, philosophy and meditation. Although they do not have a deep and genuine interest in religion, they again fall into extremes, and if they are lucky to find a good guide, you can fall into a state of deep meditation.

A caution to people with Soul urge Number 8:

  • They should strive to take over;
  • They need to trust your friends and subordinates;
  • They should not undertake work that exceeds their ability – is it just for the sake of saving or making money;
  • They should not get involved in disputes, and they must learn to articulate their own ideas and be able, when necessary, to keep silent;
  • They need to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances;
  • They do not have to depend on someone else’s care, because of their friends, relatives and other people they help, they may get very little;
  • They should reject vindictiveness;
  • They should throw off the mask of moroseness, seriousness, sobriety, and learn to smile and try to be happy;
  • They must be active, to avoid mental lethargy, passivity and isolation;
  • They must cultivate tolerance, to be more friendly, reasonable and not so easily irritated;
  • They should avoid drugs and other toxic chemicals;
  • People with Soul urge Number 8 should avoid canned, old food and fast food, they should have more coarse grains, drink more fresh juices – to avoid constipation and other problems caused by incorrect behavior of the wind, such as rheumatism, arthritis, and skin irritation;
  • They should follow the advice of seasoned people who know more than they are;
  • They must avoid the habit of thinking about the past and try to cope with imaginary fears;
  • They must respect their life and business partners;
  • They should try not to get involved in love affairs;
  • They have to travel more often;
  • They should not spread rumors;
  • People with Soul urge Number 8 should seek good friends and devote more energy own spiritual growth.

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