Number 7 Meaning

Number 7 Meaning

The symbolism of the Number 7 (heptad)

Seven esoteric symbolism is that it is a complete cyclic process or phenomenon in which the triune nature always puts on a fourfold material form. All manifestations of the universe is permeated with the sevenfold structure. In his divine aspect of seven, as the native among the “number of the Eternal”, embodies the idea of ​​completeness manifested cycle with its perfect unity (trinity) and material (quaternary) qualities. It expresses the idea of ​​the rule of the spirit over the form. In its natural aspect, this number will mean sevenfold completeness manifestations. In his human aspect expresses the idea of ​​the seven wins over top of the triad by four lower bodies, generated in a person a sense of isolation. In a graphical representation of a seven semiluchevuyu star or pentacle, the lower part of which is a quadratic form, and the upper – triangular.

Attributes and essence of Seven

Symbolizing perfection Macrocosm connected to the microcosm, seven means wholeness, completeness, the highest symmetry, mystery, comprehensiveness, completeness.

Manly Hall writes about the Pythagorean perception sevens following:
“The Pythagoreans called the heptad, 7, worthy of worship. It is treated as a number of religion, because man is controlled by seven celestial spirits which man makes offerings. She is often called the number of lives, because we believe that the birth of seven months after conception the person lives, but those who are born after eight months, often die. One author calls it a virgin without a mother, Minerva, because she was born from the head of the Father, the monad. Keywords of the heptad are “luck”, “chance”, “care”, “control”, “government”, “judgment”, “dreams”, “voice”, “sound” and what drives things to their end. Deity, whose attributes were expressed heptad – is Osiris, Mars, Clio (one of the Muses). ”

Universality of the number 7, it emphasized the universality of many researchers manifestations numeric symbolism in different cultures. Since VN Axe wrote:
“The magical number seven” (according to J. Miller) describes the general idea of ​​the universe, a constant in the description of the world tree, the full composition of the pantheon, the number of fairy tale characters, the brothers (cf. “Seven Brothers,” “Seven Simeons’ and sisters and so n .), days of the week, days of the holidays, the number of colors of the spectrum of tones in the music, the main odor stereochemical theory, the constant that determines the amount of human memory. In some cultural and linguistic traditions exist septenary number system and / or the number 7 appears in general as the most frequently used number associated to the almost universally everything is calculated in mythopoetic space “.

According to Blavatsky the sacred significance of the number seven knew long before the Bible, where the topic was further developed – even Hesiod used the expression “the seventh day is the sacred”, founder of the Theosophical Society gave her a detailed list of those areas of life where the number 7 shows its sacred nature:
“The use of the number seven has never been limited to one ethnic group. This is quite a show seven vases in the Temple of the Sun near the ruins Babiana in Upper Egypt, seven fires over the centuries, constantly burning before the altar of Mithras, seven sacred temples Arabs, seven peninsulas, the seven islands, seven seas and seven mountains and rivers of India and the Zohar; Jewish Sephiroth or Spirits, seven constellations mentioned by Homer and Hesiod, and all the endless septenary encountered Orientalists in each open their manuscript. ”

“Considered as a set consisting of 6 and 1, or sextuple and Unity, the number 7 was invisible center, the Spirit of all, for there is no hexagonal body of the seventh of the property that is the central point, such as crystals and snowflakes in the so-called” inanimate “nature. In addition, the number seven, they say, has all the perfect unit – the number of numbers. For, as the absolute unity and indivisibility is not associated, therefore, does not have and the number, and no number can not reproduce it, just the same, and the number seven, no unit, which consists in the decade, can not produce or reproduce it. And it gives the four arithmetic division between one and seven, because it exceeds the first by the same number [three], as it is itself exceeded by the family for four at the same numbers greater than one, as far as seven more than four. ”

As always capacious and a full description of all its attributes gives X. E. Kerlot:
“SEVEN symbolizes perfect order, the full period or cycle. Embodies the union of the Trinity and the Quaternary and thus endowed with exceptional value. It corresponds to the seven directions of space (ie, the six existing measurement plus center), seven-pointed star, the reconciliation of the square with a triangle by applying the latter to the previous one (as the sky to the ground), or by inscribing one in another. This number forms the base for a series of musical notes, spectral scale and planetary spheres, as well as for the gods, corresponding, as well as the main virtues and their opposite is deadly sins. It also corresponds to the cross, with its three dimensions, and in conclusion, it is a symbol of suffering. ”

Almost all authors (Guenon, Blavatsky, E. Levy), who wrote about the number 7 indicate its connection with the process of manifestation. The same was said of Manly Hall:
Seven considered virgin number, because, to quote ancient Armenian philosopher David Anhakht, unlike other numbers “seven did not generate any number in the top ten and is not generated by any number.” Because seven is a hidden center of the hexagon, or six-pointed star, which, as it does not touch any of the six corners, as it belongs to another space and another reality. It is for this reason that such a center is the center of mystical power. Occultists assert that “the key is the seventh character of the sacred septenary, the royal power, the priesthood (Insider) vostorzhestvova of the true and achievements through struggle. This is the magical power in all its force, the true “Holy Kingdom.”

Kerlot also describes not only the number, but also the septenary principle underlying the number seven:
“This is a procedure for preparation of (composition) of the seven elements. Ultimately septenary based on seven directions of space: two opposite directions for each dimension plus center. This is a special order of the six moving and not moving one element is projected for the week as a model in the time over sevenfold. “Three” in many cultures is a number related to the sky (heaven) (since this number is a vertical order of the three-dimensional space of the cross), and number four is associated with the earth (because of the four sides of the two horizontal directions, comparable to the main items. Consequently, seven – a number that expresses the amount of the heavens and the earth (as twelve is the expression of the multiplication of their qualities.) In religion septenary expressed or implied in the triads (such as the three theological virtues), plus four basic virtues, as well as major sins sevenfold.

In the traditional theory of symbols septenary considered as a derivative or a similar spiritual principles of the seven planets, or ancient mythological deity.

In heaven, “seven” is of particular shade of meaning in the formation of the constellation of the Pleiades – the daughters of Atlas (six of which are visible and one invisible). Number Seven with its characteristic quality synthetic seen as a symbol of transformation and interaction of all hierarchically orders in general. Hence the seven notes of the diatonic series, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven planetary spheres, and seven terms. ”

Is an interesting correlation with the number seven astrological planets and general properties. You must see how the principle sevenfold in correlation with the ideas of astrology. So according to the Kerlota “septenary taken as divided by the number of two and five, and sometimes their connection (Sun, Moon – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) or the separation between” three “and” four “(and their connection) (Sun, Moon, Mercury – Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). ”

Agni Yoga septenary says quite a lot, claiming that it is the main principle of the numerical symbolism.

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