Number 3 Meaning

Number 3 Meaning

The symbolism of the Number 3 (Triad)

The esoteric meaning of the triple is that it is representing the beginning of the synthesis, brings together and reconciles the conflict between the two extremes, including between one and two, and so is the first perfect odd number (for the unit, as has been said, do not count ). In his divine aspect trio embodies the principle of Self substantiality of Genesis in all of its many attributes and properties, that is, Genesis, released from its homogeneous state to the inexhaustible multiplicity of options.

Such self-awareness is synonymous with supreme intelligence, the Great Architect, the creator of the homogeneous substance First Matter (2) cosmic manifestation (4). In its natural (outer) aspect triple the words Shmakov is “kinetic activity First Matter, End synthesis, where everything is perfect, complete, and once ordained,” is Turner and archetype, the ability to create, painting on the cosmic mirror a sketch of the Great Mother of the universe . In other words, in the natural aspect of the triple symbolizes the threefold nature of the world, consisting of Heaven, Earth and Man. The human aspect of the triple means triple structure of homo sapiens, whose inner nature can be divided into the spirit, soul and body.

Graphic representation of the triple is ascending or descending triangle, the three points, three-beam star, and the trident, the three prongs symbolize the balance between the principle of “OVGGO” (“obey, yield to, be obedient, listen”) and the principle of «IMO» («on the contrary, contrary, resist to be active “). It can be said that the trio among others graphically forms a half circle, which includes birth, the zenith and the descent. Troika expresses thus threefold foundation of the world, at the same time combines the build up, protective and destructive forces of nature.

Attributes and essence of the number three

Property reconcile opposing trends underlying the three, predetermined symbolic name for the number, which was awarded by the Pythagoreans, “friendship”, “peace”, “justice”, “wisdom”, “moderate”, “virtue.” Three essence is that by removing the contradictions and abolishing the old dual state of being, is born a new state, deducing the world to a qualitatively new level.

From this point of view it is important to see the evolution of the understanding of the three at different times, the symbolism of numbers shown researcher A. Holguin: “Interestingly, the Christian term” trinity “started in the II century Tertullian, the word” triad “. And that saw deep meaning. In contrast to the “triad,” which is believed to be expressed to “three different” that is emphasized differences, “trinity” means “set, the union of three”, where the main role belongs to the One (the Father), that is, represents the idea of ​​the family: father, mother, child. ”

The essence of the triple can be better understood, realizing its connection with one and two. On this subject in detail expressed Manly Hall: “The sacredness of the triad and its symbol, the triangle – from the fact that it is made from the monad and the duad. Monad is the symbol of the Divine Father and the duad – the Great Mother. Triad, being made of them, is therefore androgynous and is symbolic of the fact that God creates his worlds of Himself and His creative aspect is always symbolized by a triangle. Monad passing into the duad, is able to become a parent offspring because duad was the womb of Meru, within which the world is ripe and within which it still exists in the form of an embryo. ”

In contrast to the negative nature of the sacredness of the triad duad profoundly positive and carries the complete original unit.

This writes Alexander Dugin:
“Number three, by contrast, is positive, since it is obtained by adding to the negative two newfound unity. And in any case, whether it is the addition of Unity prior Duality (3 = 1 +2) or follow this dual (2 +1 = 3), it is always considered as a metaphysical value. This implies the universally positive Trinity, Trinity in almost all traditions and especially in Christianity. Here is an example from the Bible regarding third son of Adam, Seth, who has regained the lost paradise, replacing his father murdered Abel. This story is exactly the logic of origin numbers. Abel (1) acceptable to God. Cain (2) is not acceptable to God (God rejects his sacrifice), as two (2) is the negation of one (1). This denial further expressed in the murder of Abel by Cain. Seth (the third son) is the return to Unity (Unity of Paradise, the state before the fall of Adam – 3 = 1 +2) and the replacement of the murdered Abel (1), that is, 3 = 2 +1. Therefore, the Gnostic doctrine spoke of two “Sifah” two possibilities to overcome the duality: of Seth, who returned to Paradise and departed from the world of multiplicity forever, and of Seth, the forefather of all the righteous instead of Abel gave rise to net branch of humanity, that is, of Seth – source special grace, spiritual plurality. It is interesting to note that the very name of Seth, the Hebrew «seth», identically Sanskrit root sat, Pure Being. ”

Number 3 is the first truly odd and sacred in its odd number, precisely because it is created in the image of a single principle, expressed by the number 1. Troika is ahead of two due to the fact that her (two) added metaphysically transcends it and a major number – one. Because X. E. The triple Kerlot as “harmonious unity feedback on duality.” He also states that “this number is related to the basic principles of self-sufficiency, and expresses the increase or” unity in itself”. This property confirms derivative, filial, character appearance in the triple interaction of his metaphysical parents – one and two. As it happens in the Earth’s parent tradition, the father often sends his son the basic features and properties. On the other hand an increase of “unity in itself,” that is the accumulation of property units, necessarily lead to the removal of conflicts between opposing forces, or to the “neutralization Beaner” (as said Shmakov), in exactly the same way as the birth of a child in a normal family usually brings spiritual parents. All this allows X. E. Kerlotu concluded that the “three represents the resolution of the conflict posed by dualism.”

Of the principle of unity between the two poles due to its harmonizing function allows us to identify three of the principle of wisdom, because its use allows people to manage time by organizing the present, anticipating the future, and applying the experience of the past.

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