Expression Number 3

Expression number 3

The expression number 3 reflects your physical and mental constitution, the orientation of your life goals.
The number of expression 3 reflects your talents, abilities, traits and flaws. The degree to which you will be able to use these abilities and realize their inner potential, defines who you are in the end.

Expression number 3 – optimistic, inspirational and expressive. People feel your positive attitude, courage and charm. Your personality has some vitality and mobility, which are so powerfully influence others and inspire them with ease. All of this increased energy – a symptom of tremendous creative capacity. Your brains are suitable for the work of the writer, comedian, musician and actor. Your number expression indicates the presence of expression, imagination and spiritual qualities. Be careful not to spray their talents. You disastrous lack of discipline and order in life. Do not get reckless spendthrift energy that runs from the responsibilities and liabilities. Expression number 3 must learn to concentrate and focus, this is your key to success. Great aptitude for art classes and activities that require ingenuity. For you are characteristic flights of fancy, which lead to unexpected solutions, as if sent from above. Hard work and focus – the foundation of your future prosperity.

Despite the extraordinary mental abilities, you better perceive the world through images, not in words. You may think abstractly. Resourcefulness – sensual property that is often suppressed in childhood. If you lack confidence in the achievement of its objectives, you can turn your skills into a handful of trivial routine activities. To cope with this problem, make a selection. Limit your hobbies, send energy into a narrow waterway. Focus your life, select the area that you like and go for it! Then you will achieve success and happiness. Love, romance and the money available to you, you are surrounded by friends and fans. Sometimes people come out of nowhere to help you in difficult situations. We must learn to use their involvement in your personal life. You are not alone, but are not totally dependent on a man. You are social, you need the attention and support of others to exercise their abilities. Your negative side: can be superficial, moody, and intolerant. Emotional and sensitive, sometimes pay attention to the criticism where it is not really. Expression number 3 can be jealous and chatty. Avoid cynicism and sarcasm. These qualities suppress your natural creativity. Aim for a particular purpose. This is a practical, gradual path to the fulfillment of desires. You are able to achieve greater perfection.

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