Soul urge Number 7

Soul urge number 7

The Soul urge Number 7

Soul urge Number 7 of people who was born on 7, 16 or 25th of any month, those who were born the 25th, are the most fortunate. Due to the adverse effect of Ketu, with the number of people with Soul urge number 7 indecisive, destructive, restless, rebellious and prone to mood swings. They will meet in life with many troubles, “sevens” consider failures. 7 – the number of possible coups and revolutionary changes. But all is not quite true. Failure – the key to success. The main vibration of 7: analysis, understanding, contemplation, the search for truth, spiritual understanding.

Many people with Soul urge number 7 – gifted poets, artists, thinkers, judges, numerologists, reformers and scientists despite the fact that all the owners of seven souls require more attention than the holders of the remaining eight numbers, “seven” also need the right the manual. Properly directed “Seven” can leave an imprint in my life.

People with Soul urge number 7 deeply spiritual and religious. They have a good heart, they are social, romantic, sentimental, they have a noble soul. They are original in their self-expression and independent in their approach to life. Thanks to his philosophical outlook on things, they have unique individuality. They give new meaning to old values and old truths. They protect personal freedom and do not tolerate injustice. It’s good speakers and have the ability to make believe audience with his arguments, so that even their opponents are forced to accept their point of view.

People with Soul urge number 7 are friendly and easy to achieve popularity – because they do not distinguish between rich and poor, between the king and the poor, between master and servant. They are all equally friendly set up and all the support. In relation to his subordinates and his disciples, “seven” are endowed with great cordiality.

“Seven” is trying to establish their own philosophy, which can live on, she tries to penetrate the mystery behind its existence, which had not even tried to find out. For the analysis must be lonely, and “seven” feels the need to spend time away from the crowds in touch with nature. She is looking for friendship with the beings of sublime consciousness, which is similar to her own. Key words: calm, introspective, intuition, analysis, inspiration, solitude.

“Seven” in many guises. But their main feature – the uncertainty. On the face of People with Soul urge number 7 is chaotic and similar to the anarchists, but inside it is well-organized people with a constancy of vital principles, which support the physical and mental health. They cleverly make plans. This idealists and materialists in the same time. On the one hand, they are easy to hand out money to live in Utopia and ponder the universal cosmic welfare, on the other hand, they generate skillfully and profitably sell their own ideas, not forgetting to pay attention to money. Many of them are frugal. They are not easy things to throw in the trash, they quickly find application unnecessary things. Many of the amazing objects in the house, made out of things discarded by others.

People with Soul urge number 7 is restless: they are overloaded with problems too active mind and brain. They love change and love to travel. If they go on a journey, they do everything possible to learn something new and earn money. Especially noteworthy are their business ideas in the international arena – because “seven” generate great ideas. “Seven” mystic love and support around a mystical aura. They try to have all something to learn and are very interested in the occult sciences. They have their own way to explain the idea, “seven” do not follow any accepted religion. They create their own ideology and their own religion, which is rich in imagery and is under a vague, unscientific basis. Which means they would not chose to express themselves, they are original, their favorite topic of study – philosophy. This is true of life scientists who want to bring to life the working doctrine. If the “sevens” are inclined to spirituality, they quickly make progress and become a guru or a yogi.

People with Soul urge number 7 believe in peaceful coexistence and can adjust to anyone, even a completely foreign environment. They quickly act on the minds of the people with whom a long talk. However, the “sevens” in the cities and countries that are attending, are becoming popular not immediately. They are very social, but not like when they commanded. “Seven” to bring good luck to friends, colleagues and superiors, and when they break the friendly relations that are causing much suffering to others. They have a good memory, “Seven” quickly adapt to everything. Like the “fives” with the children, they themselves become children when dealing with young people, “seven” younger, and with wise men “Seven” – the very wisdom and sanity.

People with Soul urge number 7 are interested in many things and it is easy to give advice to people who turn to them for help. “Seven” did not follow any particular ideology, do not belong to any sect, in my heart they love only those people who take their advice and follow their instructions. “Seven” in any position and rank are great people to work and achieve high status. They work hard, feel in my youth many difficulties. They are brave and easy to take risks. Settle in their lives, they are usually closer to 34 years. Since the “sevens” are always underestimated, they become prosperous and rich rather late. People with a Soul urge number 7 usually lucky in marriage and sex have special requirements for the opposite sex.

“Seven” usually help their friends, and of benefit to them such a relationship. People with Soul urge number 7 are usually in a youth meet someone with whom establish mutually beneficial friendly relations all my life. They are attractive, pleasant and charming. Their easy to cheat because they can read the thoughts of others. But they do not know how to understand your own thoughts, and sometimes deceived their own fantasies, utopias and ideas. They are easy to engage in the affairs of the country and the people with whom they communicate. “seven” often tend to reflect on his past life and ignore their mistakes. Some of them become drug addicts, and sometimes abused alcohol.

Women with the Soul urge number 7 is always the soul are worried about their future. They are anxious, sensitive, emotional appeal, they have charming blue eyes.

A caution to people with Soul urge number 7:

  • Before you take any projects, they need to carefully delve into their essence;
  • They must carefully weigh the positive and negative aspects of work, estimate the time and labor that would be required to expend for the tasks;
  • They are advised not to waste energy, taking on the intractable problem;
  • They should be happy to accept any changes and do not cling to their own thoughts;
  • They should not speak with disdain about the culture from which they emerged;
  • They should work independently, trying to be self-sufficient and not depend on the opinions of others;
  • They should not underestimate their talents and have courage to start their own projects;
  • They should never lose vigilance, be sincere and dedicated to their work and not get involved in futile dreams;
  • They should avoid to be humble, to be too sentimental and emotionally involved in the affairs of others;
  • They must avoid the rush and making quick decisions; Women with a Soul urge number 7 Soul should avoid anxiety;
  • They should learn to be punctual;
  • They should avoid excessive smoking, drugs and alcohol;
  • They should work on your body, engage in physical and manual labor, as well as to stabilize the mind to do breathing exercises;
  • People with Soul urge number 7 should be around flowers and green plants, and before you get up in the morning from the bed to watch these flowers are recommended, inspiring and filled with inner strength;
  • They should not make fun of their religion, for that matter, over any other;
  • They must respect their partners and to develop friendly manners towards their husbands or wives who cherish their problems from home and help you grow;
  • They should avoid water sports, deep water and traveling in boats and ships;
  • They do not have to pace yourself over the work;
  • People with Soul urge number 7 should not be too quick to change their views.

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