Soul urge Number 1

Soul urge number 1

The Soul urge number 1

Soul urge number 1 – is the number of those who were born 1, 10, 19 or 28th of any month. The main vibration of 1: independence, individuality, achievement, leadership. People with the Soul number 1 controlled by the Sun, which gives them a clarity of purpose and thought.

They tend to become attached to their own ideas, especially when they are convinced that they are on the right track. It is very difficult to get these people to change their behavior, opinion or decision. They also can quickly formulate their thoughts. People with the Soul urge number 1 have a clear understanding of life and their own point of view, which dominates everything they encounter in life. In its manifestations, such people are sober, strong, punctual and clear. They have a strong personality, and they need an abundance of attention and respect. They can take care of others and want everyone to obey them. They are easy to make yourself and your friends could hardly refuse friendship.

People with the Soul urge number 1 have power and are very lucky in getting help from the authorities. Throughout his life he lucky. Such saying, “Lucky.” They love freedom and hate abstinence. They love novelty and try all they do, to use modern methods and technology. They offer well-known ideas of their own – but from a new angle. They are creative and resourceful, and most of the time have a positive and optimistic attitudes. They are more tenacious than others, and able to perform heavy physical work.

With, at most, high spirituality, they have a big heart and they love to work with. They are free from envy, anger and discontent. In their work they are productive, honest and decent, and most of the time perfectly correct, because the right decisions at the right time. These qualities help them rise above the others. People with the Soul urge number 1 reach a high position at work, because I always think about how to climb even higher. To do this a lot and they work hard and busy that most of his time. If they do not succeed, they become sad, pessimistic, become frustrated, irritable, they begin to depression.

Soul number 1 – initiator, fighting alone, expert of experience that will enhance its special individuality. It is in the process of discovering their own abilities. This energy, positive, original and creative, being in a state of perpetual motion. Soul number 1 full of so much creative energy, that it must decide how this energy will be used. It should take the lead, have the courage, I am he of all humanity, the unity of all things, a higher consciousness. Keywords: originality, independence, aggressiveness, personality, creativity, efficiency, activities, leadership, authoritarian. It is he who comes forward.

People with the Soul number 1 have a mind agile, full of new thoughts and ideas. They are easy to start new businesses. They love to live in luxury, royally and spend money on devices, and, basically, are wasteful. They are easy to spend money to buy gifts for others, they are all happy to share with guests and friends. With regard to religion is a big fan. They often think they are born to fulfill a special mission. To do this a lot and they work hard, even if it involves sacrifice or inconvenience. People with the Soul number 1 steadfastly meet ups and downs in his life, without losing courage and without excessive nervousness. They do not like criticism, but love to criticize others. They have good manners and good taste. They do not like clutter, laziness, procrastination, false pride, false promises, doing nothing. They want unlimited freedom. They are clear in all that relates to self-expression and love the quick answers to their questions.

People come in a number of religious and social organizations, but if they do not give it a key position, it is easy to part with them. They can help only if the gain attention to themselves and gain recognition and admiration for their hard work. Basically, they notice and love the opposite sex. They are influential and are putting pressure on their friends and colleagues. Active years of their lives – 35 – 39 years.

People with the Soul number 1 are disciplined, directed forward, practical and serious. They are very good, easy to work with them, and they can control their nerves. They remain steadfast and resolute, even under adverse conditions. They are resistant, but sometimes easily irritable. Like the sun, they are a source of light and joy and are intended to serve all mankind. They love to travel and can adapt to any situation. Love life and can admire the art and beauty.

Soul number 1 are ready to accept the truth and change his mind, because for them, truth is always more important. They collect ideas from everywhere and create your own thinking, not following the traditional views of where they were born. They are always concerned about what kind of impression on others, they are mostly friendly, willing to help and may in a short time to establish contact with new people and inspire them. In their society, they become famous and admired his work, poise, grace and generosity.

A caution to people with a Soul number 1

Those with Soul number 1 should think about their finances more carefully and not waste them on pointless show, the acquisition of expensive gifts, lending money to other people, investment in the business. They should not take risks by participating in financial fraud. They should not take hasty judgments, because it will bring them to fail.

They shall refrain from the following:

  • To be overly ambitious
  • To be too independent
  • To be careless
  • Be too imperious, to suppress other
  • To be too critical
  • To require all the time for attention to himself
  • Show off
  • Excessive sensuality (for men)
  • Fight alone, out of care
  • The reckless extravagance in relation to friends and guests.

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