Soul urge Number 4

Soul urge number 4

The Soul urge Number 4

Number 4 – is a Soul urge number of those who was born on 4, 13, 22 or 31 th of any month. Among them the most successful are those born in the 31 th. The main vibration of the Soul number 4: love of order, stiff, hard work, practicality.

The Soul number 4 is controlled by Rahu, which is constantly changing – it never stands still, always moving or forward or backward. The influence of Rahu makes the life of people with the number of sudden changes of the Soul number 4. They will always have ups and downs. Due to the fact that they have to meet such a sudden change in life, they develop a dual nature, and they are not very trusting people. Because of their uncertainty, they are lifelong need to ask the advice of others and act in accordance with their recommendations. This is also due to the fact that Rahu reduces the difference between right and wrong, because a true proposition that is inherent in generally the strongest people.

Doubting nature of these people makes them stubborn and persistent. Due to the fact that Rahu gives them strength, courage and patience, these people can tolerate the pain, but also not particularly worrying, suffer pain. They are easily and patiently accept any change, any ups and downs. They look strong in the face of his opponents. Normally if the dispute in a serious debate, they are always on the side of the losers. If they are able to work in government, we are not on the side of the ruling party, but prefer to sit on a bench in opposition. As the extremists, they are always either upstairs or downstairs. They do not like to be mediocre or to belong to the middle class. For their growth and development they need to fight a lot, constantly encountering any committed by them big or small work hurdle.

Soul number 4 – is stable, the awareness of law and order system. This hardness, reliability, conservatism. “Quartet” – the builder, who must submit to earthly things, where form and content are dominant. 4 – the nature and everything that belongs to the earth. Under the Soul number 4 is the inevitable concentration of power is being formed. The ions are aware that they can no longer waste their energy and have to start putting them in an ordered system. Therefore, the “four” develops a practical nature and, through self-discipline, limits itself to the conditioned manifestation of his power. Keywords: uniform, work order, practical, constructive, stability, stamina and discipline.

Throughout his life, “four” will be subject to criticism. Due to the fact that their point of view is always different from the perspective of other people, because they are protective of losers, they themselves create problems and it is making secret enemies. However, their intentions are honest, and by their nature they are not hell-raiser. They are reliable and patient friends, who can adapt to any conditions. But due to the fact that the “four” have a fast – changing nature – sometimes gentle and polite, sometimes rude and blunt – they often annoy friends and relatives. If their friends understand them and can predict their behavior temperament, they will find a “quadruple” always ready to help, with a big heart, practical people with brilliant ideas.

People with Soul number 4 ordered and active, especially in the management of large enterprises.
People with Soul number 4 help society and because of its awkward and free thinking are able to carry out the great reforms that help the poor and disadvantaged. They are interested in any reforms – aimed at improving the environment, society and their own home. This interest may lead them into politics, or spiritual organization, where they will be able to carry out reforms and to head them. By its very nature is a rebel who instinctively rebel against the various rules and systems. They will not hesitate to violate the law. When they rebelled against the authorities, they become famous. However, they rarely succeed in worldly affairs, or material, even if different pragmatism.

People with Soul number 4 like conspiracy and sometimes in his younger years living clandestinely. Because of their tendency not to accept the existing rules, they go to the anarchists, terrorists or criminals. However, they also fear that people misunderstood them, and this causes them to be secretive. Therefore, they feel lonely and abandoned. “Four” is not peculiar passion for the accumulation of treasure. If they get the money, they spend lavishly. Their life of luxury and easy spending money makes you think of others that they are rich. They make a big heart to give money to the needy and the poor, so friends and relatives believe that they are very rich, though in fact it is not always the case.

People with Soul number 4 good art criticism. They like to visit exhibitions, concerts, theater, look at the ancient relics. They love to critically evaluate all of this, but thought “fours” were not clear. In their minds there is no clear understanding of life, so they clearly do not understand their relationship with those who live, or to those who are linked. This creates problems in their family life and friendship. The fact that the people with Soul number 4 did not have a clear picture of life is the result of the events in their life happen suddenly, and they are not able to achieve what they want. They like to create order and balance in their lives, and they want everything went on as usual. If they are supported by harmonious numbers, they can make progress very quickly, getting rich and becoming famous. This is because they make practical plans, work hard, have a strong will and are not afraid to encounter difficulties and contradictions. Their friendship lasted throughout their lives, but true friends for life with them a bit. They always feel that other people understand them correctly.

People with Soul number 4 – followers of self-education and by their nature are very secretive. There are two kinds of education. One – for all to take pains to do a common understanding. Others – for a select few students tested and the approximate. Apprentices are a few steps, as they develop mentally and spiritually. They are tested exercise in deprivation, in diet, gymnastics of the mind (memory) and the body. Pupils spiritually cleansed ability to endure, to overcome feelings, suffer, suffering, and no notice meditate. Vow of silence, received a term of two to five years, is understood as the avoidance of unnecessary talk. Only after these tests mystics devoted to the secret doctrine, consists in personal communion with the Divine.

People with Soul number 4 did not reveal its secrets, even those who have them are very dear and close. This brings them to heart problems, but they like to feel lonely, and bear all the sufferings alone. They are very selfish, and can go to do anything to fulfill their selfish desires, even if it brings harm to others. They can make false promises and acquire for their lives many critics, enemies and opponents. In addition to all the criticism and contradictions, setbacks and sufferings that they get people with Soul number 4 at the end of his life reach success and fame. They can benefit by inheritance. “Fours” – a very good conversationalists, who are always polite and tolerant in its relations with the opposite sex.

If the “four” – man, this is a skilled sexual partner. He has many love affairs, but they always fail. Diabolically unexpected changes in wedding plans upset “fours.” While this is not the last role played by the nature of doubt and uncertainty, arising from accidental changes lead to disaster.

The woman with the Soul number 4 deep soul affectionate in his relations with her husband, friends of her husband and other male family members. It is romantic and polite in nature. It takes responsibility and cares for her husband and his friends, his own and his parents. It takes all the pain, she is honest by nature, compliance and restrained. She loves to lead an independent life and loves when she dictate others. She was advised not to have long-term relationships of any kind with the people whose Soul number 4, 8, 9. The most suitable, cute and harmonious with the number of people are Soul 1, 3, 5, and 6.

A caution to people with Soul number 4:

  • They should avoid unnecessary disputes;
  • They need to develop a less critical approach to life and have more trust in people. If possible, they should remember the famous saying of the Buddha: “I doubt in all – and then doubt the most doubt.” They do not need to be led by their own doubts and lose sight of the hands of good opportunities;
  • They must remain calm. To reduce the anger, his chief enemy, you should drink water from a silver goblet and eat food from a silver dish;
  • They must learn to appreciate other people;
  • People with Soul number 4 must reduce their selfishness and do selfless service;
  • They should avoid wasting money, but save them for the “rainy day” and to old age;
  • They should cultivate a habit of quickly and independently make decisions;
  • They must refrain from condemning others;
  • They should not give any deceptive hopes, no false promises. They should become more straightforward and learn to say “no” when they can not do something for others, instead of saying “yes” and do nothing;
  • They should not blindly trust others;
  • They should talk less and more melodic;
  • They should avoid being alone and loneliness;
  • They should avoid pointless trips;
  • People with Soul number 4 have to meditate and perform exercises, soothing the mind, otherwise it they will suffer from multiple sclerosis in old age.

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