Soul urge Number 5

Soul urge number 5

The Soul urge number 5

People with the Soul urge number 5 has a delicate and vulnerable nature of this thinkers. By its nature, it is students who are trying every minute to learn something. Their brain is constantly engaged in active thought. They love fun and try to create around him a merry and happy atmosphere. It sometimes takes them a lot of energy, because you can not make happy all at once. But as the “five” interested to win the acceptance of others, they spend all their energy, all their resources to make others happy. They are quick to make decisions and impulsive in their behavior. They like change and do not build long-term plans (involving the patient), although they are always busy developing new ways to make money. Sacred number five is the idea of perfection, conformity to law and harmonic stability.

Since the Soul urge number 5 are endowed with the ability to think and always willing to take risks, they are rapidly inventing new ways of obtaining money by avoiding long-term plans. Constant desire to risk pushing them to gamble. And if they are involved in these games, you could lose everything. The main vibration of 5: constructive, freedom, progressiveness.

In “fives” agile young mind, they always think about their plans, making them extremely attractive. They are very easy to tie friendships with any number. But due to the fact that they are not consistent, this friendship did not last too long. During weak periods of “five” easily and often break friendships. At such times, they are often deceived, and “five” are losing faith in friends and feel lonely.

People with the Soul urge number 5, born 5, 14 or 23 th day, have a great intuition, they can clearly understand the intention of all who came to him, as well as be able to see the maneuvers of their partners and colleagues. They give answers before the question as listen. Often, they say, “I know what you mean,” because they intuitively understand the meaning of what they hear. They have a high degree of adaptability. And with a smile on your face can make any tragedy, any disaster. Nevertheless, at his home “five” do not like change, and especially do not like when people touch their things or change the order in which these things are.

Soul urge number 5 – is a change and adventure, curiosity and constant activity, which provide an inexhaustible, adaptable and varied nature, always ready to use his chance. Soul urge number 5 – is the middle of the loop from 1 to 9, this situation allows to make quick decisions. “Five” meets many of the features and the variety of experiences through which to obtain information which is necessary for a decision. “Five” is involved in interaction with various groups and crowds, because of their varied experiences is a natural protector and adviser of many people. Key words: versatility, resourcefulness, adaptability, diversity, activity, travel, adventure, cooperation, reflection.

The children of Soul urge number 5 like children. With youth they – very progressive and revolutionary youth. And with the wise old people are wise. “Five” – superb logic of their rhetoric and openness disarms opponents. They can make their opponents to make friends and take their point of view. They have a good impression on the people of his attractiveness and charm of his personality, progressive ideas, adaptability, clarity of expression and logical, positive and optimistic attitude and a cheerful young kind. By the nature of the “five” frugal, but are sometimes extravagant. Although their financial situation varies, they can save money for a rainy day. Generally, they always manage to get money when they need it. They have more than one source of income. They can not sit around and love to develop various methods for quick money. They always invest money in business. And because of their speculative nature and the desire to take risks, they always succeed in business. They – partners who can be relied.

People with the Soul urge number 5 appreciate the time it carefully distributed and always in a hurry. They love the refined art, especially poetry, and can express their ideas in poetic form. They have a mobile nature, they can be easily changed, but do not like to change their own characteristic way of working. By its very nature it is the travelers who make their trips out of the country and abroad extensive experience and knowledge. “Five” like to live away from their families in other countries, enjoying life and learning.

People with the Soul urge number 5, born 23rd of any month are happier than those who were born the 5th. Born the 14th of any month less fortunate. They face many difficulties and obstacles encountered in the family life of many rivals. However, “five” can quickly achieve success in the material sphere. For people born 23rd numbers always help relatives, bosses, government officials, politicians and government officials. Born the 5th of every month, stubborn, and a lot of hard work, independent, and they can rely on, are people who are constantly self-development, these “five” happy in love. They spend their declining years in comfort. They retain their youthfulness and attractiveness to old age, and they always have a lot of helpers.

The Soul urge number 5 is an odd alliance, or male and female number 3 of 2. It presupposes unity, indicates harmony. Five – is the number of lives, considered also as a number of great search. The number 3 symbolizes the highest perfection, and the number 5 – a search that ultimately leads to this perfection. Although the “five” believe in destiny and purpose, they praise the laws of karma and are constantly working. But they know that fate – the more important thing, and they are lucky enough to get what you want by accident. If they gamble, you win twice and three times more than others, and do not regret when they lose.

They live on their nerves and they love the thrill. They are not affected by any preaching of any kind. They appreciate the traditional beliefs, but do not become mystics. They remain independent in their way of thinking, and always open to new ideas. They love the company of educated and wise people, and people young, progressive and modern. Very concerned about their health and are very careful in choosing products. Really care about their appearance. Although the “five” slim, they are usually characteristic of a strong constitution, and they remain healthy and active into old age. Typically, the “five” live long. Since Mercury gets exaltation in his own sign, Virgo, two “five” – the best friends.

Women with a Soul urge number 5 more attractive, charming, courteous, soft-spoken, frail men than this number. They aspire to a career, his hard work and suave manner reach considerable heights in the service. For them, a favorable early marriage. In later years, “five” hard to find good friends and loyal companions. They can easily attract people to him. But since they are very picky, diplomatically, but superficial in dealing with the opposite sex, they are difficult to choose a good husband. Few men can become their husbands. In dealings with the joint or general affairs with men they achieve financial and social success.
Women with “five” perform their duties so well that gaining due recognition and above all criticism.

A caution to people with the Soul urge number 5:

  • They must not in any way to lose a sense of humor and cheerful disposition;
  • They should not, when irritated, to use his caustic, stinging and sharp tongue;
  • They must cease to be too critical;
  • They should avoid stress, heart and nervous stress;
  • They should not be shunned by children and avoid the entertainment;
  • They should stop all the time to hurry;
  • They should stop straining your eyes – when reading at night, while watching television;
  • They should avoid incorrect judgments about people, instead they should create an atmosphere of trust in respect of his friends and well wishers;
  • They have to overcome anger and avoid excessive reflections;
  • They have to constantly train your composure, confidence, peace of mind and courage;
  • They should be more patient in relation to family and friends;
  • They should avoid fatalism;
  • They have to be less stubborn.

People of Soul urge number 5 should be avoided as follows:

  • Excessive use of salt, if they have heart problems or blood pressure. (If they are not worried about any heart or skin diseases, they have to eat more salt. “Fives” should have more salt in the period of growth during childhood and adolescence);
  • Supercool;
  • Imposing their ideas to others;
  • False promises of others (so as not to cause undue expectations);
  • Be inattentive during travel and to trust strangers.

People with the Soul urge number 5 should:

  • To take long morning walks;
  • Drink more juice and take care of the purity of blood, because they are easy to pick up the skin and heart disease;
  • Make short trips, stay happy, to avoid the company of losers and pessimists;
  • Carefully listen to the opinions of others;
  • To strengthen the nerves and improve metabolism, at least twice a week to produce a body massage using olive oil;
  • To calm his restless mind to make any manual work, for example, in the garden;
  • Engage in friendship and business relationship with people, whose numbers – 5, 1, 3, to develop a completely disinterested contacts with prominent people;
  • Learn to be happy, thankful for friends and to appreciate others.

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