Soul urge Number 2

Soul urge number 2

The Soul urge Number 2

The Soul urge number 2 has people, born 2, 11, 20, 29th of any month. Among all these people are the most fortunate were born on the 29th of any month.

The Soul urge number 2 is controlled by the Moon, which gives soft, artistic and romantic nature. These people are peaceful and polite. Their imaginative nature makes them creative, but they do not have certainty, and they can not implement their ideas with the same force with which it can people of Soul number 1. They need to carry out their ideas and to determine the confidence of good conductors. The main vibration of Soul number 2: cooperation, closeness, sensitivity, balance and harmony, benevolence. Constant ebb and flow of the moon affect the holders of two souls more than anyone else.

People with Soul urge number 2 – is a pair duet. It is volatile and easily adaptable, but at times hesitant. This is an important representative, mediator, diplomat and peacemaker, because unity can only be achieved by combining the different views and compromise. In general, the soul number 2 represents the feminine principle of receptivity. This is the gestation period, in which all forms. Soul number two collects and assimilates energy. It maintains a balance between opposing forces, and so is loyalty and partnership. It is with eager attention to the children. People with Soul number 2 so subtly aware of the antagonisms that have an innate sense of rhythm and harmony. Maternal characteristics such as patience and sensitivity, soul number 2 lead to the fact that it misses the other forward, in front of him. Unity – its purpose, so she is obedient and responsive to others. Above all, she values harmony and assimilation. It is, rather, a follower than a leader.

All holders of Soul number 2 love to live alone, and those who are born the 11th, retire to isolate. In the same way as the moon reflects the sun light, the holders of the soul number 2 reflect the influence of their environment. If these people care about politics, they are introducing reforms to change social structures. If this writer, his works, they announce the change, leading to better and more peaceful world. They dedicate their lives to selfless service and helping others. The moon gives them a love of scents and fragrances. These people have sophisticated character with a high aesthetic susceptibility.

The moon is a mother principle – prudence, patience, love and care. People with the Soul number 2 have all these qualities, but patience. They have a good heart, they are gentle, willing to help and true to their duty. They believe the holy friendship and sacrifice everything they have, for the sake of others. Since the moon depends on the sun to give him light, and these people are dependent on other numbers, they become more sociable and easily socialized. Because of their constantly changing nature they think very quickly and make decisions quickly. People with Soul number 2 are emotionally connected with others and look boldly in the face of difficulties. Being well-wishers in relation to all mankind, they adhere to the philosophy of peaceful co-existence: live and let live.

Due to the fact that Soul number 2 do not like to quarrel, they make good peacekeepers. They make judgments in disputes such an elegant way that both parties feel satisfied. They are good diplomats and as diplomats use their instinctive and intuitive ability to improve the conditions of groups represent. People of Soul number 2 love to travel and visit foreign countries gives them a cosmopolitan perspective on many things. They do not like plans or preparations made for them by other people, they tend to be large. They are less daring and less ambitious than other numbers. Soul number 2 are by nature secretive, sometimes shy and never lie. Although they do not recognize their own mistakes delay, people use their weakness and exploit or denigrate them. Because of his constant anxiety, which is supported prone to fantasy nature, they sometimes have to hear harsh words from friends and relatives. They hate people who give false promises.

Although the Soul number 2 easily recognize their mistakes and feel regret, they never change their behavior and even improve it. They repeat the same mistakes over and over suffering from it are not particularly fond of logic and criticism. If the Moon is not well located in the birth chart of such people, they become victims of their own confusion and indecision. They become distrustful, anxious and confused in their own internal dialogues. They are also prey to people who flatter them. People with Soul number 2 are intuitive. If the Moon has a good location in their chart, they are aware of the intentions of those who flatter them. But keep quiet and allow yourself to cheat, because polite and love flattery. They are skilled craftsmen in terms of love and beauty is among people with harmonious vibrations, they are confident and insist on his thoughts with extreme hardness. Due to the fact that they are hard at work, they succeed in spite of his weak body.

If the number of people of Destiny is in harmony with the number of souls, they become hard and arrogant. If still further, the moon is well located in their birth chart, they make good companions and outstanding speakers. Their minds will be clear and understood, and reason and intuition work together. If, however, between the number of souls and the souls of the number of disharmony, or, if Moon is weak or is associated with an unfavorable planet people of Soul number 2 become assailed by doubts nervous debaters.

People with Soul number 2 usually have the ability to take the views or suggestions of others and can not say no to people who create problems for them. They are attractive, versed in the art and know how to turn the head of another. They are easy to satisfy, and this forces them to work less, giving more time to stay in fictional worlds, which makes them less practical. People with the soul number or the Destiny number 2 must do everything at least twice. It rarely happens that they achieved something the first time. They tend to waste money and energy with low efficiency.

Women in this group experienced more ups and downs emotionally than men. Sometimes they are filled with hope, sometimes depressed, they have increased sensitivity, a tendency to melancholy and sentimentality. If the Moon in the horoscope of birth occupies a good position, they use its energy in a positive and creative ways. Otherwise, a fast-paced emotional nature throws them into the mental agony. Born the 20th of any month going through this mental agony is particularly painful. If it is not the location of the Moon in the natal chart such people have in life very difficult. If they were born on the 29th of any month, they can easily find help from other people and are relatively easy life.

Women with a number of two souls like perfumes and prepare sweet dishes, cakes and confectionery, seasoning their special aromatic spices. They also use the incense water for ablutions. Although women with a Soul number 2 family – oriented and honest with their husbands, they are very romantic and prone to rapid changes in behavior. They do not limit themselves in regard to the relationship with just one man. If the owners of Soul number 2 to humiliate or harm them, they become very strong, fierce fighters. They stick to their own decisions, actions, beliefs, and look straight in the face of all obstacles to until they reach the desired. They are not easily discouraged, they did not immediately surrender.

Men, especially born on the 29th, differ mental strength, eagerness to work and luck. Born the 11th has a very strong spirit, but as a rule, they are weak and do not have health a strong constitution. They have great personal problems due to the fact that they are strong and demanding nature of isolating them from their circle of friends. The main vibration of the number 11: enlightenment, excitement, tension. Men with the number two lucky souls in matters relating to women – women easily believe them. They can also affect women, it is easy to manipulate and extend women’s secrets. They should avoid work together on a project with the people whose Destiny number 5.

A caution to people with a Soul number 2:

  • Owners with the Soul Number 2 must cultivate self – confidence, willpower and determination
  • They must not lose courage or quickly fall in love
  • They must remain independent. They should not postpone their work for others, do not waste energy waiting for any help in the work
  • They should not leave the work unfinished because of the loss of interest in it
  • They must follow only their own decisions
  • They should avoid swimming or boating in the deep places
  • They should avoid the rush and they should engage in meditation to control your mind to overcome his own anxiety
  • They should avoid the company of sycophants
  • They should avoid eating, not suitable for the stomach and heart. Improved sentiment destroys the stomach and leads to constipation. This in turn causes gastritis and release of gases that can act harmful to the heart. People with the Soul number 2 are prone to stomach and heart disease. Abstain from food, causing constipation – is the key to their physical and mental well-being
  • They must be aware of his friendship with the opposite sex. The presence of too many friends cause problems, because each one – “a separate peace” with the number of people and the Soul number 2 emotional, sensitive, prone to waste of energy in the emotional excitation
  • They should avoid people with communicable diseases, because of its susceptibility to infections and weak immune system. In order to strengthen the immune system, they should take morning walks and do massage. Because of general weakness, they should try to gain more physical strength
  • They should know more about the moon, its strong and weak periods. They should be avoided during the illness the throat opening of the neck and chest
  • They should avoid anger that burns the life-giving flow in the body. Physically, these people are not strong. A gust of anger can lead to hysteria, and even throw them into unconsciousness
  • People with Soul number 2 should not make important decisions during a full moon, when the time is near moonrise at the time of sunrise (the last three days of decreasing the cycle of the moon), or being close to large pools of water. The decision is best taken in the middle of the declining cycle or the cycle of the rising moon. At this time the moon is not so strong. Since “two” are controlled by the Moon, their nature and effect full and new moon
  • People with Soul number 2 must engage in sports that can be practiced in the open air. They must constantly worry about maintaining your body in proper shape

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