Soul urge Number 3

Soul urge number 3

The Soul urge Number 3

Three – this Soul urge number 3 of those who was born on 3, 12, 21 or 30th of any month. Most of the world’s religions recognize the holy trinity. Since ancient times, sacrifices were made three times, and the oaths were given three times. People believe that any event occurs three times, and that it was the third time it will be successful. According to tradition, Jesus at the age of 12 years was lost for three days. At 30, he went to a three-year pilgrimage. He appointed his 12 apostles, one of whom betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver, and another three from him he denied it. Until now, bury the dead taken three days after death. At the wedding of marital vow is read three times. In Islam, divorce is only after three times pronouncing the word “talah”.

Pythagoras and Aristotle based their philosophy on three pillars: creation, formation and destruction. As a family member three odd numbers is a dynamic number. It makes their owners independent, hard, active, loving, hard working, reliable, well-known, disciplined, self-confident, enterprising.

People with the Soul number 3 are very ambitious. They love to go in the van. They want to do something great in life, something to remember their descendants. Therefore, they are constantly thinking about the future. Early in his career that they start fairly modestly, they need a lot of fight. This struggle, however, beneficial effects on their growth and inspiring them. The main vibration of number 3: cheerfulness, enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, and sociability. People with the Soul number 3 do not like subordinate status, and do not like low-skilled work. They are concerned about large projects and try for yourself to create jobs, which would be complete masters.

People with the Soul number 3 are the scientists of life. They direct their energy to find practical solutions to the prime of life, to make it more enjoyable and more appealing. They are aware of their responsibilities in this area. With his acute intuition and logic, they can fight, clearly visualizing the battlefield and get a good understanding of life. Due to the fact that they are talented interlocutors and can articulate thought, “three” – good advisers, teachers, speakers and writers. They are mobile in their own views and easy to accept that profitable for them.

Although they are not adherents of any religion, they are religious in his soul. They believe in the truth, its practical application and beautiful expression in life. They love success and want to be successful in everything they do. People with the Soul number 3 also like, if their value at every step. Like the “units”, it takes a lot of attention, and for his involvement, they embark on all sorts of tricks – they are skilled in conversation, like to joke, puns, gestures, posturing. “Three” are the qualities of a manifestation and expression. They are trying to defend its identity and appeal. This need for communication and involvement in the simple joy of being.

People with the Soul number 3 gives solar pomp and enthusiasm. This is an extrovert, whose personal magnetism inspires others to expand and grow. On the other hand, is a performer, which nature has given an understanding of pleasure, romance, art and beauty. Her imagination makes possible everything. “Three” are friendly and expansive, it succeeds because of its versatility and sociability. Key words for her: sociability, drama, communication, diversity, creativity.
People with the Soul number 3 is not sitting idle. They working hard throughout his life and always busy with something. Even if they feel the need to rest, they continue to be restless and just can not relax. They may be at work catnap, which is why they can simultaneously develop many projects. If a task becomes tedious for them, they switch to another. Thus, they do many things at once and get money from different sources. They are very knowledgeable about their duties and execution consider his own yoga. They adhere to a statement: “Devotion to duty – is divine.”

People with the Soul number 3 are successful in carrying out any work for which come from, and usually finish the job. It gives them self-confidence, which is the key word in their lives. They follow a given word and fulfill the promise. This makes them reliable. They love order and discipline. They obey the orders of those who are respected, and think about how to beat them. They want all those who are younger than them, and occupies a subordinate position, acted the same way. This sometimes creates a problem because they turn the house into tyrants and dictators. They are lucky to receive love, appreciation, assistance and guidance of older people and families, occupying a good position in society.

People with the Soul number 3 have a strong constitution, health, and full of energy. They are easy to make friends and have a wide circle of friends. They are always optimistic, creative, happy, inspired and full of humor. Sometimes they create problems for itself, mocking people who do not appreciate their humor. These people can easily become their critics and enemies. Unabashed and straightforward behavior “threes” often offends people, and formed a circle around them detractors, but much smaller than the circle of friends and admirers. Nevertheless, they manage to keep smiling and do not particularly worry about their opponents.

People are always surrounded by three of the opposite sex. Weakness for him – one of the problems of people with the Soul number 3. Meanwhile, they are legible and are involved in more serious relationships only with those people who for their benefit. They may have physical contact, even if not going to associate myself with them by family ties with those who have a Soul number 1, 3 or 9. But, in general, they are chaste and pure. They are loyal to family and vows of loyalty to their partners – even if you do not respect them and sometimes they are treated badly. They love their families and are strongly attached to his family. They are happy to refer to the compliance requirements of family life.

People with the Soul number 3 are loyal and devoted towards his parents. They sacrifice their personal comforts to maintain an atmosphere of love and harmony in his own family. Even if their partners are getting poorer, they are on their side and help them. Their life partners generally attractive, chaste, and give them full support. They are universal and assistants help everyone, even his enemies, but only when they are asked. They are committed to all good beginnings and offer their assistance at once, without bargaining. They love to travel and get out of this benefit. They tend to meet many famous contemporaries. They love riding. The main weakness of character – high ambition, excessive optimism and extravagance, they exaggerate the importance of truth and inconsiderate, they are characterized by dictatorial, they are jealous and proud.

People with the Soul number 3, born 3rd of any month, doomed to struggle in life more than others, but their struggle brings, in the end, benefit and success. Those born the 12th of any month, have greater appeal and charisma than the rest of the people with the Soul number 3. They are lucky, they have less to fight. They receive from friends and from people clad rule, and help achieve success, starting from scratch.

Those who are born on the 21st of any month, more unfortunate in life. Because of the influence of number 2, they are not as successful as the other “three”. And those who are born on the 30th, because 0 is the most miserable among the people of the number 3 and they struggle the most.

A caution to people with the Soul number 3:

  • They should avoid unnecessary disputes;
  • They should avoid the company of low persons;
  • They should try to control his temper, as in eating and drinking from a silver dish;
  • They must be careful to spend money. Money comes easily to them and from various sources, but they are just as easily go on ornaments and conveniences that causes financial instability;
  • They have to save for the future;
  • They should avoid overeating and eating too heavy and hot spices. Jupiter governs the liver, the patron of people with the Soul number 3. Since these people are using the energy of the liver, they need to avoid foods heavy for her. Very useful to be regular consumption of grains of anise, crushed coconut, almonds, black pepper and honey with a pinch of saffron;
  • They should not boast about their achievements;
  • They must control their anger;
  • They must control their passions and their sensitivity;
  • They should avoid excessive optimism and ambition;
  • They should not be at the slightest difficulty to lose his head;
  • They must be patient;
  • They must control their dictatorial ways and at home give freedom to other family members;
  • They must respect their life partners;
  • People with the Soul number 3 should be attentive to diseases of the skin. To prevent such diseases, they should regularly massage using oil. They should also avoid acid, provoking flatulence food, and there is not, if they do not experience hunger (often they do so to appease the company);
  • They should avoid pride;
  • They should not be making money by dishonest means;
  • If they start to feel that the situation for them has not fared well, they should go on a journey;
  • People with the Soul number 3 must learn to say “no”, because the constant giving up a problem. Those who depend on them, begin to manipulate them, because the constant “yes” ceases to mean anything;
  • People with the Soul number 3 should be able in time to relax and avoid taking on more work and responsibility than they can handle, otherwise it will cause stress.

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