Number 6 Meaning

Number 6 Meaning

Symbolism of the Number 6 (hexad)

The esoteric meaning of the six is ​​that it was considered a “number of Creation” (“God in six days created the world”), the symbol of the divine cosmic equilibrium and symmetry of opposites expresses the unity of polarities, the choice of divergent paths. In his divine aspect six stands as a symbol of the law of analogies, expressed in geometric terms: “Down like the top, and the upper like the lower.” Mobius points to far-reaching consequences that arise in the application of this principle: “By organizing our body we can tell about the organization of the solar system, according to Turner theosophical – Turner on parts of the body, etc.” In the six aspects of the natural environment represents, in which evolutionary and involutionary flow of energy or connected or disconnected. These streams are and the dilution («Solve»), and thickening («Coagulo») material in nature. In the aspect of human nature Six symbolizes the principle of free will, spiritual harmony and recognition of good and evil.

Six is ​​a graphical representation of a six-pointed star – a hexagram, also known as the Star of David, Solomon’s seal, the symbol of the Androgyne, the sign of Vishnu. It consists of two interpenetrating and mirror each other triangles.

Attributes and essence of number Six

Six well expresses the essence of the cosmic law of the unity and struggle of opposites, harmony, and the polarity of male and female. Manly Hall says that this number is “called by the Pythagoreans the perfection of all the parts … the form of forms, articulation of the universe and a doer of the soul.” He writes:

“Track and soul harmony considered as similar in nature, because all souls are harmonic. Hexad is also the symbol of marriage, because it forms the union of two triangles, one female and the other male. Among the key words related to the hexad, the words: “time”, as it is the measurement of duration, a “panacea”, because health is equilibrium, and the hexad is the equilibrium number, “peace”, because the world is like a hexad, often seen consisting of harmonized contradictions “all-sufficient” because it is often enough to universality (3 +2 +1 = 6), “tireless”, because it contains the elements of immortality. ”

In the East, six usually as a universal symbol of space, “Space Cross Buddhi” accommodates four quarters and two lateral branches – plus Zenit (top) and nadir (downward).

Blavatsky pointed to the mystical connection that exists between the six and the swastika – a symbol, present in different cultures and traditions:
“Not only the world of characters that are so full of true occult value as the Swastika. It is symbolized by the number 6. Like this figure, in my particular view, it shows, as well as ideographs and numbers on the Zenith and Nadir, on the North, South, East and West, and the unit is found throughout this unit is reflected in each and every unit. This is the emblem of the Fohat, constant rotation of the “wheel” and the Four Elements, “Sacred Four” in their mystical, and not just in one of their cosmic significance, then its four arms bent at right angles, are closely related, as shown in another place, with weights of Pythagoras and Hermes. On the mysteries of the values ​​of the Swastika, said comments, “can engrave on it, with mathematical precision, the evolution of the cosmos and the whole period of Sandhya.”

Interesting interpretation of the meaning of six, embodied in the symbol of the six-pointed star gives a modern scholar problems A.Olgin numbers: “… ascending triangle – a triangle of Jesus – symbolizes evolutionary process of our redemption. In this case, the descending triangle – a triangle of Mary – an element of the process of involution of the Incarnation. Stauros pokkzdaaet the Atonement – the purpose, and the Incarnation – the means. ”

H.E.Kerlot gives a slightly different view of nature and its six attributes:
“SIX, symbolizes the ambivalence and balance, contains the union of two triangles (fire and water), and thus means the human soul. The ancient Greeks regarded it as a symbol of the hermaphrodite. It corresponds to the six directions of space (two for each dimension), and cessation of movement (because for the Creation took six days). Hence it is associated with the test and the effort. It was also revealed his attitude toward virginity and weights. ”

Number 6 also serves as an illustration of the law of analogy, the formula of which is the famous thesis of Hermes Trismegistus: “As above, so below.” It is a vivid reflection of the principle of similarity lower higher and vice versa. Embedded into each other two triangles symbolize the principle of cosmic unity. It is for this reason that the number 6 Pythagoras connected with the planet Venus. Ragon wrote on this subject: “The combination of the two sexes and the division of matter in the trinity of development required to generative power, this fertile properties, and the desire for reproduction, innate in all bodies.

Italian mystic Malfati de Monteredzhio wrote about the nature of the six:
“Number six, as is the second Turner (Vishnu – time), contains a number of five, with all its symbolic meanings, as six, as a closed five are closed ellipse. Since six consists of two or three times, twice three, then it is not only completely irrespective ideal and whatever reality as such, as the spirit of the world, a prisoner in the egg of the world, in a sense, as the ancients understood, but also the idea of ​​the development of itself, the idea of ​​sex, to the third power of two – eight, and this is the third floor of the Turner expressed infinite personality. ”

About six sacred meaning expressed many occult and esoteric – Fabre d’Olivet, a detailed analysis of the meaning of the sixth Sephira, and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, St. Maarten, and finally Jacob Boehme:

“Sixth is an expression of the will of the sound, making it understandable, as the Word, at the same time it has its origin in two fiery center … In this sixth as are sacred names, the divine forces acting unity, they are simultaneously in two fire centers.

It is particularly miraculous Tetragrammaton – the center of world acts of God, which operate in both the focus and the wicked spirits that abuse, distorting them in the Center of the Natural Fire. This name combines the foundation of all the Kabbalah and the entire Magic.

Sixth form or quality of natural science or Desire is the word – the divine language, sound or voice Forces, from which proceeds the Holy Spirit, in the midst of power.

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