Expression Number 4

Expression number 4

The expression number 4 reflects your physical and mental constitution, the orientation of your life goals.
The number of expression 4 reflects your talents, abilities, traits and flaws. The degree to which you will be able to use these abilities and realize their inner potential, defines who you are in the end.

Expression number 4 – the rock foundation of any society and the enterprise; organizer and manager. Solve life’s problems methodically and systematically. You – a performer and organizer, who realizes dreams. A strong sense of order. You are attracted to the management system, can follow a complex plan. You – not the kind of person who can embark on any trip without a map. Take a serious commitment. Reliable and responsible. Do you like to implement projects from beginning to end, but do not focus on a narrow area. You can get between the millstones and become a robot. You despise all unstable, fragile and unpredictable. Do not like the inconvenience, preferring reliable and proven, but these advantages are greatly slow performance conceived and disappointing, especially if your resources to the limit. Taking care of them will make you cautious and protect against possible failures, but it prevents the constructive proposals coming from stronger men. It is important that you properly assessed difficulties. Leading forces have sent you and the goal.

Your task – to connect more imagination and involve more resourceful people who can help you with advice. You – moralist, clean and honest, but can be hard and unyielding. Do not let a strong desire to control your feelings and sense of balance, it is easier to think about the shortcomings of others. Because of the desire to focus on the details can go off the rails and become boring and too serious. Often, people born with a expression number 4, it is necessary to take life easier and enjoy a great sense of humor. Since you are conservative and careful, you properly handle money. Take care of the balance between revenue and expenditure. You can limit the costs, the accumulation of money is important to you. You are an extremely good parent and love spending time with children. Poorly perceived children’s naivety, perhaps because of that they see in you the qualities inherent in children. You – an idealist and respect the innocence of children. Many accountants, librarians, government officials, managers, and lawyers are born with a expression number 4. You can attract the arts and music, but no doubt you will bring to the ordering of any artistic activity. You particularly like classical music and opera. Do you have a trained eye for detail. With a solid foundation, you can work hard and deliberately over the objectives. You will surely succeed and stable position in society.

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