Numerology Birth Date 6…9 for Women

Numerology Birth Date for Women

Numerology Birth Date 6 for Women

Outwardly, she seems unflappable, chilly and even alienated, but this hides a sensuality and sexuality. In his youth, often naive, sentimental and shy. As an adult, it is reasonable. Dreamy, has a great imagination and a high intuition. It may be soft, shy, modest, or seductive, flirtatious, playful. Its unpredictability makes it especially attractive. Inclined to romantic relationships. Cherish every moment of love.

Heart and soul is given to their feelings. She needs a sensitive and responsive partner, only that person will make her happy. It does not tolerate half-heartedness in the relationship: all or nothing. Wants to love and be loved, and to the end. Can be quick-tempered and touchy. She wants security, understanding and caring. Although she is able to stand up to any of life’s storms. Leaving the partner tries to maintain friendly relations. Marriage and children are the main priorities. Chooses her husband, equal social position and with similar interests.

Relationships with family are of paramount importance to her, and it a lot of time and effort given to them.

Numerology Birth Date 7 for Women

This woman has a strange appeal that fascinates and frightens her fans. She is intelligent, courteous, considerate, knows how to show the best of himself. Princess touchy in his youth, and dreams of a strong romantic feelings. Looking for a solid and respectable partner.

Values ​​honesty and professionalism, prestige and social status. She needs support, but while maintaining personal independence. Seeks to legal relations. Gap painful for her. The fear of losing the love of a strong hope of finding the ideal. Often underestimates the true intentions and the quality of the partner, it is a catalyst for the fears and complexes. It should rely on intuition and analysis of information about the chosen one.

Idealization of personal relationships can lead to that, choosing a partner, she committed the unpardonable blunder. She needs care and understanding, and the wish to dominate both physically and emotionally. Is not a leader by nature, it can play a major role in the family.

She is ambitious and lives at such a pace that it is difficult to tie any serious relationship. It prefers to live an independent life and to rely only on themselves. If it will partner to make decisions and take the initiative to limit their control, you will find stable relationships and inner confidence, which always seeks.

Numerology Birth Date 8 for Women

Strong-willed and forceful, energetic woman. At heart is very vulnerable and in dire need of love and understanding. Sometimes hides behind the external restraint strong feelings and sexuality. She is a stranger to self-interest in romantic relationships, but in other cases it may show it to the full. She has “from love to hate – one step.” Unexpressed emotions destroy it.

Often, she complicates the good relationship and ruin the life of his elect. She needs an intellectual partner, with the same strength of character that is able to counter the ambitions of her own. Equal union and joint commitments will benefit not only them, but also others.

It is useless to beg for love. Or the like and get their way, or does not like, allowing himself to love, but without claiming a right of ownership, freedom and faith. In regards to her not to be “climb into her soul,” blame infidelity, find fault, to persuade control his emotions. But one can appreciate her passion, sensitivity, and practicality and originality.

Numerology Birth Date 9 for Women

Extraordinary, elusive woman, always full of interesting ideas, and is always in motion. Prefer to communicate with educated and intelligent people, creative people, whose interests lie in the fields of philosophy, art and culture. She likes his friend to walk together on the various exhibitions, participate in community, social or political life. She expects a sea of ​​flowers and gifts from fans. A candlelit dinner in a solemn ceremony at her intoxicating effect and leads to the creation of a strong alliance.

In the relationship with the partner always strives to teach or demonstrate knowledge. It needs a beauty, and she wants to be beautiful in every way. Monitor their appearance, but at home allows himself dressed horrible. It must be love without regard for convention. She hates proprietary instincts and greed in all its forms. She likes casual lifestyle and society of many friends. Always unpredictable. Tends to communicate with men, she is not really needed. It can dissolve in love to elect, to give myself completely to him, or did not know what love is, and love it was. Good long-term relationship it can arise with a partner who has low it makes her material comfort and a sense of freedom.

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