Numerology Birth Date 1…5 for Men

Numerology Birth Date for Men

Date of birth 1 for men

Such a man in a relationship is independent, vigorous and energetic. Makes women special interest because it is a type of active, purposeful, self-confident man.

He is ambitious, bold, straightforward. On it you can rely on in difficult times. All prepared to do for the object of his passion. Can fall in love blindly, ignoring common sense. For him, the main thing – to express their strong feelings. It would be good to him to consider that his fiancee – it is also an independent person with your life and self-interest.

He often ignores the advice of his partner, he is everything. Life’s fun, but hectic.

He’s hot, but othodchiv. Loves attention to himself and praise. He likes to achieve, to conquer, to be generous. Can settle down, have children, but there will always be a slave to his own desires and impulses.

Date of birth 2 for men

This man loves society and communication, has the immediacy and trust. His heart is open to other people’s feelings, and the mind set on the perception of the surrounding world.

He, like a sponge, absorbing other people’s problems. Appreciate the beauty and femininity, easily lends itself to the charm of the exterior. Lives feelings and often falls in love. He adapts well to changing events.

When the reality of relations bothers him, he withdraws into himself. Can be charming and seductive, persuasive and eloquent. Able to be a caring, loyal, but can be overbearing, demanding, stubborn, jealous. Important in a relationship with him – not to rush things.

He fits a woman who shares his taste and is always close, inspires him, shared with him all the concerns and interests. Emotional attachment is for him the main role in the relationship. Comfort and stability are most appreciated. A loving and devoted partner, but too predictable and therefore boring.

Date of birth 3 for men

Sociable, active man, is popular and can have multiple connections simultaneously. Always ready for fun, adventure, risk-taking ventures and soul of any company, but it is often not taken seriously. His is the inspiration and aspiration for the future.

He can not stand boredom and possessive attitude. He needs to feel at ease and relaxed. At the first meeting aims to make the best impression.

In women it more appealing charm than good looks. Often chooses a woman, based on first impressions, and later realizes that this is not ideal. He enjoys the process of relationship more than the result. When he is in love, it is focused on the subject of his passion. Immersed in dreams and visions.

For him, the most important spiritual intimacy, intellectual communication, alignment of interests. Brooks no restraint. Comfort and tranquility to be driven. Prone to irresponsibility. He will approach the same sociable woman. Perhaps his fiancee will be independent and attractive appearance.

Date of birth 4 for men

This man prefers the clarity and reliability of the relationship. Looking for a woman, with whom relations are built on a long-term basis. It is his mission to keep the traditions and customs of the family, it is linked to the family and relatives. Concerned with material support of his life and he wants the same practical wife.

He is always ready to sacrifice their time and interests to a friend. Physical appearance is not his main criterion. Choose a wife carefully and cautiously. It must be noted that sometimes they “marry money”, wanting to bring the achievement of their goals. Marriage in this case can be either happy or unhappy. Not prone to love affairs and do not want to change their arranged and regulated life. He does not make reckless spending on flowers, chocolates, dinner at a restaurant. For the sake of peace and stability, a man is ready to sacrifice a lot, including a loved one.

He finds it difficult to make contact with a woman who likes the ease in intimate relationships. It has the tenacity and perseverance. It suits the allocation of responsibilities in the home and business. Cares about the prestige. In the house he needs comfort and attention. He may be sincere and deeply committed partner.

Date of birth 5 for men

Confident, charming, independent man, does not like to ask for and to retreat. His sexuality involves all five senses, especially the sense of touch. He enjoys the moment.

Prefers peace and calm, and not the drama or excitement aspiration. In love, he wants to see tangible results of their efforts. He likes to be the leader in the relationship, when he was fed by love and respect. Lack of self-criticism, laziness – its negative side. He needs a sociable woman, with whom relations are open in nature, which can discuss almost all issues. In women it attracts looks and intelligence, and spiritual world.

It should look good in the eyes of friends. Well, if a woman takes it, or share a passion for travel and adventure. Pleasure and freedom of actions are perhaps the main purpose of his life. A woman who shows him his love, says of her, treats its delicious food, cares for his vanity, comfort suits him, he will give a sensual tenderness and gentle attention. He will fulfill her every need with thoroughness and skill. It has its own romance and generosity.

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