Numerology Birth Date 6…9 for Men

Numerology Birth Date for Men

Date of birth 6 for men

Such a man is required, hard-working and reliable. Strives for a stable relationship. Loves selflessly surrendering feelings. Easily vulnerable, prefers to give than to take. Sees the advantages and disadvantages of both the partnership and the prospects of their relationship with him. Most fully expressed his feelings in the relationship, and he seeks to find the right, understanding his companion.

He may be sincere and deeply committed partner. His need for sensual love means in the first place the body, and then the soul. Is good at adapting to changing circumstances. If you respect him as a person, he feels sure, otherwise it changes the partner. Very attached to his mother, and his wife had to win a place for himself in his life. He does not like innovations, observes a number of conventions. Has heightened intuition.

Home and family – most importantly for him. The big problem in the relationship is the increased resentment, sensitivity to criticism and condemnation of others. Can be pedantic, demanding of others. He needs to forgive others of their shortcomings, to appreciate more dignity. Better find a companion with similar professional interests of its terms to make it like his friends, but did not stand up for social status.

Date of birth 7 for men

Self-sufficiency and independence define such a man. Inner strength and a serious attitude to life and love makes it sound cold and unfeeling. Due to aging, it achieves most of its objectives. Intimacy stimulated his intellectual interests. To many it seems prudent and wiser in matters of love. Sometimes, he thinks only of himself, but a relationship may soften and be tender and passionate lover.

His is the chivalrous idea of ​​love, the sublime and noble. When cohabitation he better have a private room, as it needs to be private. Possibility of life in different cities, and meeting at a certain time, a pre-determined. He does not like surprises. For a woman who respects his enterprise and can support the self-absorbed, he is a loyal and committed partner. May have met his ideal, he did not dare to take a closer look.

It is different sensitivity and tact in relation to the feelings of the partner. Mutual understanding is very important to him, maybe more than love. He is committed to the chosen path, and if the woman does not want to or can not go near him, he can not hesitate to part with it.

Date of birth 8 for men

Independent, self-confident and self-sufficient man. He has a strong will, honesty, sincerity and perseverance. May be important, even arrogant, to suppress a partner, and can be humble and not to put their achievements on display. He always need an incentive to move forward. He does not like to be dependent, but to strive for complete control over the people.

May be mild, reasonable, kind and loving, but can be tough, and even angry. His negative experience of emotion can be intimidating. Successful in business. The need for work and permanent employment may inhibit intimacy. His interest intellectual and sensual woman who appreciates him and obey him in personal relationships.

Courtship it uses the natural charm, is sometimes annoying persistence. Under the pressure of his energy is hard to resist. He himself needs admiration and love, as a reward for all their efforts and achievements. Carefully considering marriage, paying close attention to the financial viability of the future of the family because he is thrifty. Might actually be generous and understanding that the money – it is a tool realization of dreams and plans. Error in the choice of spouse would cost him more than anyone else. Since he is always busy affairs, it will not object to a spouse claimed everyday problems and gave him the comfort of home.

Date of birth 9 for men

Is an intelligent, romantic, very erudite man. He is outgoing, outspoken, living with an open heart. The intellectual and spiritual communication becomes important in a relationship with him. He tends to have people to, which found its expression. Strictly adheres to their beliefs, ideological differences can become an insurmountable obstacle in the relationship. Love – it is something more going on in his first-fishing than in heart. Mind he tries to control his feelings and partner. Demands much of his beloved.

Carefully planning meetings, thinking all the details, and tries to apply the methods of seduction, which were used in the 18th century. Appreciates the respect and honesty to each other. Usually believes he is right and the high quality of their knowledge. Its main problem – the gap between reality and incontinence. He tends to avoid real intimacy in relationships. For him, it is important to maintain their freedom and the feeling that it belongs only to yourself. Believes that sex – is a physical extension of intellectual communication between the sexes. Love is most often found in travel.

He is very sensitive, and can sacrifice their own needs for the sake of the partner. Relations with it can turn into a delightful novel, but he needs to learn to see his woman a real person.

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