Destiny Number

The Destiny Number

What ir a Destiny Number

In Vedic numerology Destiny Number – the number obtained by adding numbers from birth dates, months and years, called the Western numerology also life path number.

Encoding human bio-energetic matrix is in the range from 1 to 9. In order to work with cosmic energy, consider the vibrational structure of the first nine numbers. Each number has a positive and negative vibrations. The positive vibration of numbers associated with the knowledge of the space mission and the individual’s understanding of his divine mission. Negative vibrations provoke destructive behavior. It should be hidden connections between numbers that are able to demonstrate the absence of the necessary contact with the Universal Mind, or to determine the dominant vibration. The higher the number, the stronger its vibration, for example, the destiny number 10 is vibrating more numbers 1 and 20 – is greater 2.

Destiny number – is something with which you have been realized, and what you should do. It shows you what is your nature, and what capabilities you have to work directly with the currents of the universe. This number determines the initial encoding of bio-energy matrix. If destiny number is a positive aspect, you will successfully achieve this goal. If he is typical negative mode – will have to work hard to change the sign of its inherent vibration to the opposite.

Numbers are rows of destiny network of relationships of people with the cosmos, the highest code describing the world and co-ordinating framework of thinking, aimed at gaining enlightenment. Destiny number is more important than the soul urge number or the number of name. A man thinks always the same, but its destiny will not always be so, what he wants. Due to the fact that man’s destiny begins to clearly manifest after 35 years, we should take a compromise between what the person wants and what he wants to achieve. The soul in their thoughts, expectations and desires free. But destiny gives to man is that he truly deserves. This is due to the fact that the destiny of karma of past lives. Therefore, a person must be disinterested – for a behavior he should not worry about what happens as a result of his actions, he should not worry about the fruits of his actions. Not thinking about the fruits of their karma, a person stays away from the pleasure and pain.

The pain is caused by attachment to karma. The real reason is the expectation of pain. By the age of 35 and one realizes that lesson. There comes a time when he realizes that for his own good should also stay away from the expectations and fulfill their own duty only. Thus, one finds happiness.

Destiny number is not subject to any external influences. This destiny number is related to our vibrational influences, obtained as a result of actions in previous incarnations, which gives us a little leeway, but a lot more freedom we have to collect the fruits of our past karmas. Everything that we do not now come back to us in the future or in the next life, and those fruits that we have now, show us a well-earned in past lives. Friendship or hostility, unexpected reward or punishment – all results of karma of past incarnations – and their causes can not be traced in the present. The fruits of karma, presented in this life, may pose to human good and supportive environment.

If the destiny number gets bad, then a suitable internal environment can create a good Soul number, the proper use of stones, talismans, as well as philanthropy. Everyone should go through what it is destiny, but we can and facilitate their destiny. There are many stories of saints and holy biography of those who created his good karma, but encountered resistance and as a result of life suffered. And, as we know, there are many stories about bad people who were making themselves just bad karma, but they lived happily and in luxury. These stories point to a destiny number of these people: they created for themselves a good (or bad) karma has in past lives, and the good (or bad) karma of this life does not have any effect so far. Therefore, these people are or live happily, or suffer.

Characteristic features of people who have an odd Destiny number: an ever-burning, a revolutionary type, intent to change in any sphere – politics, religion, crafts, personal relationships. It could act as a leader who is in a subordinate position or on the sidelines. In an effort to change such people often overlook the fact that near at hand. Of all the troubles often emerge unscathed. Stubbornness, a one-sided approach to life make these people or witches or witch hunters, religious fanatics or atheists. All their life they are committed and confident. Inconsistency of their views the events of real life, their little embarrassing.

They see the world the way they came up with it. When their plans to coincide with the overall goals, they become bright leaders, acting with all their inherent power, without the distraction of anything extraneous. This is the type of people, from nature with a talent and a psychologist trying to exploit their capabilities. The human soul for them – an open book, they are the most observant – they are not slipping, no small thing. They are cool, collected and calm in any situation. Such people are attracted to anything new and different from the familiar. They are active, active, enterprising, ambitious, prone to rivalry and competition, seek to chart a new path everywhere, from cuisine to art. They are distinguished by realism and independence from the views of others.

Characteristic features of people with an even Destiny number: a loving, artistic nature that turn ugly in a beautiful, gray in bright vivid colors. These people find an opportunity to express themselves creatively in any situation. In their behavior can be a lot of children, but despite this, the necessary moments, they are able to show courage. “It’s searchers for truth and wisdom, they are quite capable of anticipating future events. In defending his position even when the power is not on their side, they do not always come around to taste. People tend to think of their idealistic, and yet they can be called illuminating way. In unexpected situations, such people may lack the imagination and resourcefulness, but vitally important things they focus completely free.

In order to get treatment for your Destiny numbers in terms of Vedic numerology, please Example: If a person was born on November 21, 1978 (11-21-1978), add the month 11 to the day 21 plus the the year 1978 arriving at a total of 2010. Then add the digits in 2010 arriving at the Destiny number is 3. You need to count each of four digits of year!

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