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Soul Urge Numbers

Soul urge Number meaning

The Soul urge number in the Vedic system of numerology is the number of birthday parties, flattened as a result of the traditional numerology reduction to a single digit. However, in contrast to the classical numerology in the Vedic system, there is a significant problem in determining the of the Soul urge number: According to ancient Indian (Hindu) system of the month is changed to one hour before sunset – from 1:30 to 2:00 before the actual sunrise.

However, in today’s world, all countries agreed to consult with the Greenwich standard time and move to a new date within 24 hours at night (at midnight). Therefore, in determining the date of birth must also pay attention to what time of day or night a man was born. For example, a person born at 2 am on the 13th of the month is considered to be born 13th and was assigned of the Soul number 4 (1 +3 = 4). For the Hindu system is due to the fact that the birth occurred a few hours before sunrise, it is believed that this man was born at night, and 12th, respectively, attributed to him The Soul number 3.

In this case, you should look closely at whether meeting the personal characteristics of the human Soul urge Number 3 or more to do with the Soul urge number 4. In the summer the sun rises in the north-western hemisphere much earlier than in winter. It is therefore necessary to clarify whether there has been born in the late hour, summer or winter nights. If it happened earlier than two hours before sunrise, the date should be discarded, which is traditionally associated with the following calendar day.

For example, for a man who was born at 3:30 am June 3 (summer), the more correct will be the date that changed after midnight. And for a man who was born at 3:30 am on December 3, more than the correct date is December 2. This is due to the fact that in December at 3:30 in the morning before sunrise is still about four hours. Birthday and date of birth must be changed simultaneously. So many people who claim to have been born in one day, in fact, in this day born and owned, respectively, to the other numerological group.

The soul urge number – the most powerful of human vibration. This vibration, which shows the visible world. Private Soul number reveals the way that people choose for themselves. Soul number plays an important role in the selection of food and sex, for friendship, marriage, the definition of individual needs, ambitions and desires. Each number from 1 to 9 has its own vibration, which can not be avoided. These vibrations exist regardless of whether we feel them. You can take advantage of their positive effects and negative rein, knowing when they happen.

In Hindu astrology, the Moon sign – a sign of the soul. In the Western tradition, people are trying to understand the soul through the sign of the sun. Numerology does not apply to signs sun, moon and planets, but it works directly with the individual person, using only numbers. But the numbers themselves are associated with the influence of planets on human behavior, his desires, needs and ambitions. Planetary impact on the human soul can be easily understood if we know the soul number.

This number remains in effect throughout the whole of human life and especially shows his strength at the age of 35-40 years. After 35 years comes into play a different number, which is called the number of Destiny. The man begins to feel some changes in his life. The Soul number, however, does not lose its importance. This number can be affected by a change of name. On it you can also change through education, dedication to spiritual practices, marriage (especially if you marry the one whose influence modifies the mental attitude). Each person has two images: his own image and its image in the eyes of other people – its environment, society, and his own world. Soul number shows that man thinks of himself. Number of Destiny also points out that the man thought by others.

Characteristic features of people who have an odd Soul urge number: you’ll never sit still, and you – a born explorer and traveler with tireless feet, you were moving, even when located in confined spaces; own life experience you have more weight than outsiders tips and teaching. This is the type of people pitiless to others, but carefully weighing its decision in this situation. The personality is strong and with great composure. Craving for antiques and sensual pleasures. These people are like, but not always loved.

Characteristic features of people with an even Soul number: fiery, explosive. This is a man with a pronounced tendency to governance and planning. Always ready to go out to the forefront and to take what belongs to him. He could become a manager or managers, even if the job would be to clean the floor.

To discover more about the individual Soul urge number, click on the links below corresponding to the resulting your soul number – your number of birth, abbreviated to a single digit in the light of the above rules the Vedic system.

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