Child’s Birth Number 6…9

Child’s Birth Number 6

If you only have one child – in a hurry! “Six,” the children feel in their element just next to his brothers and sisters. They always have to take care of someone, someone to command someone to play. The child feels happy in a happy family. Your baby is charming and friendly, it is capricious and stubborn. Sometimes, you hurt and then it all worked out. Typically, the “pole” to achieve success in life, many of them early enough to become aware of their responsibility to others. The task of parents – to teach children balance in showing emotions. These kids are sensitive and caring, the slightest criticism against them is perceived as an attack on their little world. They fascinate all around, skillfully taking advantage of this ability at will. After all, “Number Six” – a born manipulator. Keep it self-confidence, and answer love with love that he gives you. You have enough for the rest of her life. “Six” – is always a child of the heart.

Child’s Birth Number 7

The moment when you first see your baby, you will realize that to light a special, not like the other baby. Typically, the “seventh” – very cool kids. If the child was too temperamental, have to disappoint you: this is the most difficult child in numerology cycle. This kid knows full well what he likes and dislikes. Does not want to eat carrots – give up this idea! It is not necessary nor your or childhood experiences. If the parents are quite responsive, even the most difficult of the “seventh” bring a lot of joy. Have not yet learned to speak, he feels when you upset, and trying to comfort you.

This sensitivity extends to siblings and friends. But you can not even imagine the anger of the child, if someone breaks his Equipped small world. “Seventh”, both good and bad, do not tolerate violations of the regime and may be withdrawn and aloof, if they are not fed. Physically, your child is very active, its strength lies in the ruthless mental abilities, extraordinary insight. Already on the “arrival” of the hospital, he begins to learn your state of mind. Over the years, your child will become increasingly retire. “Number Seven” is good at hiding their emotions, so parents need to instill in him a sense of security. Develop in him a tendency to creativity – these children multifaceted nature.

Child’s Birth Number 8

Of course, you do not want to spoil your baby! But take a look at the new-born “the eighth” child – and you are gone! This is one of the most wonderful children in the numerological cycle (later, when it’s difficult adolescence, you think and ask: Do you not replaced the child?). Over the years, you will realize that your little angel uses personal charm in its sole discretion. In fact, the nature of the “eight” is quite good, but this wayward child of parents should be to keep it in check, and not afraid to lay siege to the correct time. The child will not challenge your authority in the family and you have from the beginning to the little bundles of energy to understand that you’re running the show. (Be careful with this, because, in spite of all its energy, the children are very sensitive.) As soon as the baby will understand who is the boss, there will be peace. As figure 8 is the power and authority, it is important as early as possible to teach little to distinguish good from bad. “Number Eight” is not only very independent, but also extremely jealous. He must be convinced that love at all enough. This small “fireball” very demanding, headstrong and unyielding. But if skillfully spend time with your “vosmerochkoy”, the result will be stunning.

Child’s Birth Number 9

Child – your best teacher. While he will grow, you will learn a lot from him. This wonderful kid has great charisma, versatile talent and imagination. Extraordinary child amaze you with its insight. Over time, the newborn becomes a naughty child, however, is not particularly knocking you out of this rut. These children are taking on family problems. They rarely change their intentions. Because of “nines” there are people of different professions, to devote his curious kid at all. Let it grow, his interest in the world around them! “Nine” is not always express the need for love, but actually crave it. Parents sometimes too easy to forget that a serious soul inhabits the body of a child who wants to have some fun and, and frolic with their peers. Listen to a little and, regardless of his protests, hug and pat – in the future you will get an unusually sincere and caring heart. No matter where these people wound up way-road, they will always come back to your warm embrace.

Child’s Birth Number 1…5

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