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Date 12.12.12. in Numerology

Date 12.12.12. in Numerology The third millennium – a unique time, full of mysteries and numerological symbolism. One of these mysteries – triple the number-date with repeating numbers like 01.01.01. Of particular interest were the three sevens and three eights, fell in 2007 and 2008. Our contemporaries felt that these days (07.07.07. And 08.08.08.) To … Continue reading

About Numerological mandala

Numerical mandala The numbers that surround us have a magical meaning. Their vibrations have a great impact on our lives. Anything with numerical vibrations studying numerology – the universal system of knowledge of the world order. All phenomena are reduced to simple numerical vibrations. Numerology is a karmic astrology, which is not confined to our … Continue reading

Numerology predictions in history

Numerology predictions in history In contrast to predictions based on arbitrarily established a significant number, there are predictions that stem directly from a reference point when the numbers of a certain form of self-importance, the period. These numbers are added to the original date for the determination of significant subsequent years. Such an operation can … Continue reading