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Number 5 Meaning

The symbolism of the Number 5 (pentad) The esoteric meaning of the number five is that the five expresses the idea of ​​the “perfect man” with developed will, able to put yourself in the center of the cross of the elements and to manage them. In his divine aspect of the five is a symbol … Continue reading

Child’s Birth Number 1…5

How do you want to know what it will be, your just born baby! But this does not remain a mystery for parents. According to the above system “numbers of destiny”, enough to add up all the numbers that make up the date of birth (day, month and year) – and everything will be clear. … Continue reading

Numerology Birth Date 1…5 for Men

Date of birth 1 for men Such a man in a relationship is independent, vigorous and energetic. Makes women special interest because it is a type of active, purposeful, self-confident man. He is ambitious, bold, straightforward. On it you can rely on in difficult times. All prepared to do for the object of his passion. … Continue reading

Numerology – Number 5, Five

Number 5, Five in numerology Number 5 in numerology is the planet Mercury – control over money and business. 5th date of born people are mercantile, money acquisition is their main purpose in life. They are very shrewd and businesslike manner, tend to do business, and soon collected a large amount. These people are keen … Continue reading