Signs of the Zodiac in Numerology

Signs of the Zodiac in Numerology

Seven planetary signs. Signs of the Zodiac in numerology

It is noteworthy that the birth of Christ from David’s birth, separated by exactly seven generations. John’s Revelation we read of the seven spirits of God sent out into all the world, Ezekiel speaks of the seven angels of the Lord, who walk to and fro throughout the earth, and it is related to the seven planetary magnetic effects on the land.

Egyptian religion also has seven spirits. Chaldeans are seven angels. Revelation – the seven Archangels, etc. Let’s put this strange figure from another angle. By studying the Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Jewish occult studies or modern occult schools, in all cases – without a single exception – we find that the number seven features are an expression of mysterious divine power of nature.

Oldest occult philosophy of law in the middle we find the law, claiming that 7 is the only figure able to split the “figure of eternity.” It each time is divided by 7, gives the number 9, or, in other words, give the main (base) numbers. They are all based on mathematical calculations, which are subject to all the people and through which finds its expression in all human thought.

7 – sacred number

Number 1 is the first number. This means the primary cause, the Creation, God or the soul – call me as you want. Circumference (circle), or zero, “O” – has always taken as infinity or, in other words, the symbol of eternity. Place of ones and zero side by side and you’ll get an important symbol of eternity – 1 plus 0 is 10 in numerology, then the rest of eternity sign next to each other, while contact 1 000 000.

Give it a mystical number seven, and the result will be 142 857th Add any amount of zeros and divide by 7, and you yourselves will be able to pass through all eternity (infinity), each time resulting in the same figure of -142 857, which since ancient times, is called the “holy number”. Now count the number of components of natural counting techniques. Get the number 27th continue to count, while there will remain only one number, the so-called root of the number. Counted 27 in numerology counting the natural way, you get 9 (2 plus 7 is 9).

Now for a moment go back to number 7 symbolism. You of course know that the Buddha is always depicted sitting in a lotus flower. Let’s explore this choice secret. I guess everyone knows that nature itself in many strange ways reproduces the number 7 in numerology, and the flowers, which are not crossed with other flowers mixed way, there are seven leaves of crown, but the flowers easily crossing with other variations, so to find its own way is quite difficult.

Lotus seated Buddha as a religious emblem will never lose their individuality because, first, all seven flower leaves of crown is always visible, and, secondly, as recognized by his religion, the soul is created by the global case basis and the source. This again is a tacit, but an absolute reference to the seven planets of creative activity that has generated all existing religions.

Long before the human race created their own religion or civilization – its laws, the land was known about the impact of the seven planets. We can look at any age, from prehistoric times, and every land, every nation, everywhere and in all cases we find the seven planetary impact.

Seven days of the week

The fact that a week is seven days, down seven active planet, which has led to the seven days of the week names. It has landed on his portrayal of almost all languages – Chinese, Assyrian, Indian, Coptic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, German, English and others. Modern languages on (Monday) or Moonsday (lunar day). English becomes Montag – in German, Lund (Lune) – French lune – Spanish and so on until Saturday (Saturday) or Saturn’s day (Saturn’s Day) – a day which God wished the Jews not to work. He said: “This day is to you for the commemoration of the day, in celebration of the feast to the Lord, to you it is an eternal law of the grove stands.”* The modern civilization Saturday more and more becomes a day of rest.

In this context, it is significant that Saturn, the last planet in our solar system planets seven active series, all the nations within the meaning of “break” or, in other words, the rest after work. This example can be seen in the strange relationship between the seven days of the week and seven active planets, and, thanks to the quite different eyes to look at the following verses: “God created the sun, moon and stars and divided them signs and seasons and days and years.”

Even the great astronomer Maunders in Astronomy Bible draws attention to this bizarre seven days a week breakdown: “The seven-day period does not correspond exactly, not the months or seasons. It is not a natural division of time.” So the author did not see or perhaps not knowing the great hidden truth in connection with number 7, only worried about the fact that it is not “natural” time allocation. But since everything on earth and above the Earth has its own importance, location and number, and every day, every hour and every minute has its own meaning and its value.

Example of holy seven things:

  • Creation of the world for seven days (or cycles), as described in the book of Creation;
  • The seven heavens, which so often refers;
  • Seven thrones;
  • The seven seals
  • Seven church;
  • Seven-day siege of Jericho, to the “seventh day” of its walls collapsed mysterious power of the Divine, symbolized by the number seven.

* Wherever Jews went, they always served the order, even forced the Roman conquerors and other pagan nations to follow their model. Joseph wrote: “Greece is neither barbarian, nor of any other nation’s cities, which would not have reached our tradition to celebrate the seventh day as a day of rest.” Jews the seventh day is a Saturday, the title – Sabbath – comes from the Hebrew word “Sabbath” – day of rest.

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