Secret of the Date of Birth

Secret of the Date of Birth

Secret of the date of birth

Depends on date of birth, the nature of man there is a close connection. If it is variable: year of birth determines one link month – another date – third, time of day and time – fourth day of the week – the fifth, and so on.

1. For born on the first day of the month are the main ambitions in life. Everything is subordinate to these people, including love. They prefer to spend more time on his career and professional growth, rather than love and romance. Therefore, their sexual partners are usually those whose gain does not require much time and great effort. The most convenient “unit” is a service book. And sex, they seek only to satisfy their needs. So marriage of “units” are rarely successful (unless they fall very understanding and patient partner).

2. Unlike the “units” people born in the second number are primarily interested in spiritual union with his partner. Without a spiritual connection to them and not physical proximity. Even if it’s not spiritual closeness will grow in physical. So marriage is successful only similar in spirit, and sex is the culmination of the feelings that emerged in the soul.

3. “Trips” are very aggressive and ambitious. Their counterparts in no case should they excel at something, he can only make “troika” because they do not like her equals. For them love is hunting for the object of passion, for his obedience and satisfaction of their own feelings.

4. Born on the Fourth day does not burn fast, but if pulled, will be loyal for life. They have an average sexual temperament, are less pessimistic, jealous and explosive, so we need the support of the beloved. Marriage with them requires great patience and a large stock of powers.

5. “Fives” are captivated by money, so their main partner is to be rich. Not at all important his appearance, only to have his pockets full of money. (Remember the phrase from a movie: “All my rich girls look beautiful” – this is particularly true for the “Petition”).

6. In contrast to the “Petition” people born of the six numbers are romantic, emotional, often tend to idealize their partners. In love they occupy the same place and sex, and lofty sentiments.

7. “Weeks” are restless people, variables, all the time looking for the best partner. So marry several times. Their love should not pay attention to small-change occurs as the inevitable attraction of “weeks” to change, which only strengthen marriage.

8. These are people with strong character, capable of continuous and have strong feelings. But as difficult to understand and love them, they often remain single. Moreover, the beloved “eights” people knowing their ability to make sacrifices for love, they often exploit this feature.

9. “Nines” are very sexual, but difficult to put into words my feelings, so usually escapes their first marriage failed. (They see a strong physical attraction as love.) But if you really fall in love, it is long. Especially good with them those who divide their momentum in the spiritual sphere, business plans, career and so on.

10. This is a lucky number. “Dozens” are kind of leaders are very strong in sexual plan. They seek and find partners who are taking action and solutions categorically. But it must also be strong sexual partners as the “tens” is the dominant physical satisfaction. If this condition is met with “dozens” is easy to live.

11. Contradictory natures: on the one hand, like sex, the other – are shy, loyal, sincere. So hard to find an adequate partner, often face a betrayal that can not tolerate organic. Then into their lives comes the hard time. General, their existence is a constant struggle.

12. Usually they are sincere, soft, cooperative, positive, confident in the people themselves. With love and caress them, you can achieve anything but confident and strong man will never conquer their heart. With the 12 births including live easily. Fortune smiles on their alliance with the same partners as they do.

13. These people are complex and difficult both emotionally and in the sexual sphere. Despite their excessive sexual appetites, sensual side of their nature is not strongly developed. Life they hope to find strong-willed, self-confident partner to support them, support them and guide. Marriages by people of number 13 are always complicated.

14. They are very charming and attract the opposite sex, but both are very pragmatic, and this also seek alliance with such pragmatists. It is so cold in intimate relationships and it is not easy to love the man. Good relations are maintained with wealthy partners born on 14 numbers.

15. These are easy to communicate people. They are easily excitable, romantic and explosive, but conciliatory. Insured love partners, although the lack of material wealth is not grieved them greatly. Their marriages are successful, particularly those that meet their romantic attitude and are reluctant to break established their air castles.

16. Strong and gentle lovers, but their affection is rapidly changing, as born on the 16th day like variety. But if you know how to turn a blind eye to their antics, you are guaranteed a long and healthy union.

17. People born on this day, love to tie intrigues because they are emotionally unstable and keep faithful to their permanent partner. Should not be limited, as this may lead to a complete rupture. They are very sexual and in this respect did not prevent suffering. For his entire life may conclude several marriage and each is more successful than the previous.

18. Sex, but shy in pursuance of his wishes, so often disappointed by their partners. In fact, very delicate and sensitive, extremely rare in conflict prone and love people in all areas (except sex).

19. These are sexually frustrated people, they always lacking something. Extremely selfish, dictatorial set to partners, comply only with yourself and others considered only as a tool to achieve their goals and desires. Easily split with a partner to them unnecessary. Internally very lonely people.

20. Those born on the 20th day are very spiritual and valued partner only this criterion. Marriage also enter only those that meet their spiritual, not physical requirements. In sexual relations show average results and if their partner is posilen physically and spiritually weak in, the marriage will fail.

21. A rare case of balancing the spiritual and physical requirements: the partners expect both spirituality and sensuality. Although these are sex people with average abilities, they carry romantic notions satisfying your partner with a variety of methods and sexual fantasies.

22. Not have strong feelings and passionate, hard fall in love, but if you love it until the end of their lives. Consequently, they are jealous and pessimistic. In this “22”, are very fragile tunic – any failure can derail them. Well along with their partner, who can rely on.

23. They like to dominate the relationship, so marriages are good only to those partners who are willing to obey and have the same temperament. Feelings of births of 23 and are usually deep.

24. Love your partner passionately, deeply emotional, but in the sexual sphere is “average hand” as it narrows to realize in life passionate dreams and fantasies as they are physically weak (usually) and not very durable. Not able to hide their abilities from the opposite sex, do not enjoy much success, but this does not prevent them from more idealistic their beloved.

25. Less controversial: seek to communicate with those who are insured, but because at the same time romantic, idealize the object of his adoration. Medium possessing skills in sex when the dog is proven to be very passionate.

26. Again controversy: many sensual natures, but also seek spiritual closeness. And fall in love only when the object of their attention is surrounded by a halo of romance. Thus in their plane of passionate meet with idealism and dreaminess. If you love someone, are willing to sacrifice and at the same time manifest feebleness and vulnerability.

27. Many interesting people, because, mind, strong character and novelty can understand virtually everyone. At the same time it does not entail predictability and mystery. The opposite sex seek more by habit than by desire. It does not talk about their sexual weakness. But try to tie relations with those who can build upon and rely, as on the one hand, are confident in yourself and the other – prefer soft and vulnerable people in communication. And this paradox helps them to understand by everyone. Prefer solid men whose costume is always polished and groomed, and shine shoes.

28. These are balanced people. For them the head is equal dose of spirituality and sexuality in the marriage relationship: an excess of one can not replace the lack of the other. People born on this day, are soft, harmless, smart, loyal and modest, not impose anyone. The complexity of living together with them is determined by periodic replacement of vital landmarks: sometimes wonderful know what they want, then suddenly throw in search of the meaning of life. Many appreciate the spiritual communication, and if it is missing just one partner quickly tired of them. Marriages with them are usually successful.

29. With people born on this day, not easy to get used to because they have contradictory nature. On the one hand, trying to dominate the other – are soft and passive. Many are sexual but do not know how to express their wishes and narrowing of them suffer from complexes. Can strongly be lashed to their “half”, as often do you idealize. Subconsciously seek to find a partner who can manage their affairs.

30. In kind are born hunters, sexually aggressive and strong, able to pursue the object of his passion with extraordinary cunning and perseverance. Partners may be their only those who agree to obey all the time and playing second fiddle. Feeling their power kind to them, even though their wish, seek people of the opposite sex, but can live with them only compliant and susceptible natures.

31. Have a complex character. Aspire to union with multiple people who know how to distract them from the dark thoughts and sadness. Love is difficult, but when you love, are faithful and true as they are sincere people. Regarded sex as animal desire and liaise precisely in order to get the most from this purely physical act. In case you do not get satisfaction, become nervous and irritable. Require from their partners clearly seen any changes in their mood.

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