Expression Number 2

Expression number 2

The expression number 2 reflects your physical and mental constitution, the orientation of your life goals.
The number of expression 2 reflects your talents, abilities, traits and flaws. The degree to which you will be able to use these abilities and realize their inner potential, defines who you are in the end.

Expression number 2 have a talent for working with people, you have the tact and finesse. Your intuition is highly developed, it allows you to see through people. However, you act with tact and perseverance. Has a certain radar, which allows you to not be undermined by the mines laid in other people, and to establish good will and peace. This gives an excellent opportunity to become a diplomat. Your ability brighter expressed when working with people, and not alone. At the same time, you feel better as a partner than as a leader. People with expression number two usually find themselves in politics, medicine, education, the scientific work, the Secret Service, a multi-level marketing and entertainment (despite the fact that they do not like the spotlight.) You are looking for balance and peace in all relationships and situations. The key to your personality – susceptibility, although the two sides of the coin: you have the ability to comprehend the feelings and emotions of the people and at the same time easy to work with others to achieve common goals.

These qualities are valuable in any situation. However, the sensitivity makes you vulnerable. You can unbalance unkind word or conflict at work. You get upset a lot more than people without your susceptibility. While some are going through hard times, experiencing only a small share of confusion, you are suffering from the vortex of life as if every time the stakes are everything. Hard to overcome the resistance, you get their. You – as a gentle breeze, which wears away the stone. You are friendly and open. Expression number 2 Perfectly able to support the people and able to achieve their maximum. You – the power behind the throne. You need leaders, because they provide the necessary insight and advice. Despite the fact that your services are invaluable, they sometimes are not paid and do not receive proper recognition. This can oppress. Brings you satisfaction and pleasure to the realization that you need, in spite of the natural modesty. Close relationships are necessary frames for happiness. If you are single, you dream to meet a man’s heart. If you are married, and his wife share all the concerns, feelings and thoughts. Expression number 2 – the perfect partner in marriage, caring, attentive to the needs of a loved one. Provides strong support for a partner in the promotion. You – passionate lover. The role of a parent is not easy for you, perhaps because you do not like to fight for the discipline, need balance, delicacy and harmony with others. Gifted musically, you have a good sense of rhythm and harmony. You – a good counselor, psychologist, has an innate talent and well developed intuition.

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