Numerology – Number 9, Nine

Numerology - Number 9 Nine

Number 9, Nine in numerology

Number 9 in numerology – it is the planet Mars and number 9 people, by their nature are fighters. They are steadfast, meeting with fierce resistance, do not lose courage. This rigidity gives them the opportunity to complete ongoing. They are ambitious and, as for all the above, usually reach their destination. Their nature has a tendency to dominate and driving behavior. They do not want to comply with and be happy only when you command. Like number 1, they can be rough underling and often deaf to the feelings of others. Army they serve to the highest rank, even if not particularly popular. However, they appreciate the ability and strength of character.

Emotional characteristics of number 9

These people are very sexual, but are not able to express their wishes and so often fail. Moreover, such a disclosure to them of their desire is shameful. They find a weakness and can itself lead to deep despair, instead of obtaining satisfaction. These people are leaders in all areas, except for sex, sex they are managed so that they would get the sense that rather than defer to them, but they defer to the other. With this singularity is taken into account.

Sometimes it may seem that they are cold, and they do not desire, but it is not. Elections, but also suppress the idea that the desire to express this sense of losing self-esteem. They are deeply emotional people, they are not very quickly falls in love with or become friends, but if it happened, then for life. High sexuality often diverts them from the track in great physical drive takes precedence over logic. First marriage often breaks down, so that the physical drives they are enduring for love, but after the satisfaction derived, proved that no feelings are not. But twice in one and the same mistake they made rare. This applies not only to marriage, but in fact to everything. So they succeed in life, as it is clever enough to learn not only from their own, but also for other errors.

Weaknesses of number 9 people

These people are dominant, and without consideration for others. Therefore, they have many enemies. But they realized the success of which can only thank yourself in a diligent and persevering. But, being at the progress they resting on our laurels and believes that is beyond the others. They are intolerant of those who disagrees with them. It is an inherited intolerance.

Number 9 people in relationship

These people of number 9 can live together in spiritual terms are the same. They possess strong analytical thinking, and they are looking for people with the same sharp mind. 9th date of births gather around him people with a good reputation. They do not believe in anyone, and do not trust themselves satisfied as long as the human nature. Only then will they fully accept this man and become his friend for life. They do not suffer squeakers. Weakness is that with which they will never put up.

The lucky numbers and dates of number 9 people

The lucky numbers – 9, 18, 27, 2, 11, 29, 3, 12, 21, 30, 6, 15, 24.
Unsuccessful numbers – 7, 25, 16.
Lucky dates – 9th, 18th, 27th
Lucky days – Thursday, Friday (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).
Bad months – April, May, October, November.

Lucky colors – all shades of red, bright red and pink.
Lucky stones – rubies, garnet.
Diseases – any kind of fever, and smallpox, mumps. These people at least once in their lives undergoing surgery. The diet should be used garlic, onion, ginger and green pepper.

The numerologist recommendations to number 9

Number 9 is a bold figure, and number nine people are brave people. But they can also be cruel when they are angry, you can talk without thinking that enhances his enemies. They must learn to control yourself and what speaks. They often result in hindsight because of his trouble, and consumes much time and energy generated by the same problems.

This number 9 in numerology is good only for its owner to learn a little restraint and be more tolerant relationships with people, otherwise he may find themselves isolated, without friends to stay. 9th date of births are very capable people who are going high up the career ladder, they only seek to don’t feet on the other toes. Men should avoid the passion of contempt for women, since the malicious cunning they can lead to a sad end. Attitudes to the opposite sex, they take advantage of the natural reticence and composure. Their second half of life is successful. Once they overcome the troubles of his life at the beginning, it is a success and gain the peace of mind. The key is hold down they tongue.

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