Numerology – Number 1, One

Numerology - Number 1 - One

Number 1, One in Numerology

Number 1 represents the Sun. First of all numbers is the foundation upon which everything rests. Therefore, it is a numeric family head. People who were born on this day, is very creative and imaginative personality. They cling tightly to their beliefs, and they have tremendous power of belief.

Therefore, they are not quite like the restrictions and unwanted advice. They prefer to work alone, apart from others – both those who have the same status, and those who have lower status. All this together makes them little dictators but sometimes also big dictators. These people are very ambitious, very decisively, endowed with great will power available to them in the form of stubbornness and obstinacy. First a child born on the date being calm until their claim will not be satisfied. He turned all upside down, so just do as he likes. Against those people behave tactically. On this day born to the profession gain the most success when hand (wrist) coincides with the numerology analysis.

Emotional characteristics of Number 1

This fundamental human emotion is too ambition and satisfaction they devote all their intelligences. So, quite naturally, love and romance have very little time. If the resulting emotional passion, it is a transient, insignificant, and always subject to the primary objective: to satisfy ambition. Therefore, the emotional thrill of the object to be submissive, discreet and modest. Such people and sex is one-sided and reversible, it also provides self-gratification. Take care of the partner is unlikely to be regarded as something important. Therefore, such people tend to have a marriage rarely happy, unless the partner is not understanding and tolerant to number 1. native of the date the individual extremes.

Weaknesses of Number 1 in numerology

As already mentioned, the main purpose of human life is the satisfaction of ambition. They are determined and steadfast, declines to deliberate. It’s all good if it softens around-reverie that such people possess rare.

The lucky numbers and dates of Number 1

The lucky numbers – the most suitable partners is 1. date of born: like seeks the like, as well as 10th, 19th, 28th (digital sum is 1, and zero is important, but it does not affect the numerology), 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31. (digital sum is 4) The date of birth.

Lucky numbers and dates – Sunday, Monday. If it falls on the 10th, 19th or 28. date, the effect is doubled.

Unlucky numbers and dates of Number 1

Unlucky numbers and dates – none-harmony relationship with the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th (digital sum is 2), sixth, 15th, 24th (digital sum is 6), seventh, 16th, 25th (digit sum is 7) The date of births. All other days were born may be regarded as neutral, but take into account the hand (palm) lines.

Lucky stones, metals and colors of Number 1

Lucky stones – topaz, yellow diamond, and all the shades of precious stones (worn so as to be in contact with the body).

Lucky metals – gold (it must weigh no less than 1.2 grams, otherwise the effect will not, wear it to make contact with the body).

Lucky colors – gold, pale yellow; constantly wear an outfit that would be the same color as the metal or stone of happiness.

Diseases – heart and eye disease, high blood pressure may, therefore, more likely to go out. The diet should be saffron, cloves, oranges, ginger and honey.

Numerology recommends for Number 1

Numerology terms of the number 1 belongs to the best. On that date, people born are of excellent personality, very decisive and creative. Their personal characteristics are very noble, but these people have great difficulty in relationships with others. Others seek to understand them, because a number of people are not cruel, but simply neglected interactions.

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