Numerology in Feng Shui

Numerology in Feng Shui

Numbers in Feng Shui

The numbers are divided into Yin or Yang. By Yin are all even, to January – odd. Most happy, child-friendly are odd numbers, but they both must be present in equal amounts to maintain a balance between two principles. Well, when a house number, birth date, there are elements of yin and yang.

Relation to the numeral in the people is determined by the word-homonym. Number 1 sounds like “winning the honor,” so is considered auspicious, and the number 4 sounds like “death”, so is bad misfortune. Below you will see what a homonym consistent numbers from 1 to 9:

  • One (1) is pronounced like “honor, winning”;
  • Two (2) – as “easy”;
  • Three (3) – as “growth”;
  • Four (4) – as “death”;
  • Five (5) – as “nothing”;
  • Six (6) – as “wealth”;
  • Seven (7) – as “certainly”;
  • Eight (8) – as “prosperity”;
  • 9 (nine) – as “longevity”.

Method of interpreting combination of digits in Asia is different from the Western tradition. In the West, taken to determine the value of the sum of all digits, reduced to a single digit, and in Asia is treated each digit individually. Number 58 is “no money”, 68 – “a lot of money,” 18 – “winnings.” Interestingly, the four, in some situations is not interpreted as an unlucky number, but instead brings good luck, especially in love, sex and education.

The combination of 4 and 8, does not sound like “death money”, but “great wealth”, as four more associated with severe and honest work. Number 48 – a symbol of wealth that a person has earned by working honestly and hard.

The interpretation of the numbers in the traditional Chinese numerology is quite different from that described above language (national) method:

  • 1 – a symbol of independence;
  • 2 – a symbol of diplomacy, tact, and romantic relationships;
  • 3 – a symbol of creativity, a happy life;
  • 4 – a symbol of the slow, overcoming obstacles, but steady progress;
  • 5 – a symbol of change, diversity, including travel;
  • 6 – a symbol of home and family responsibilities;
  • 7 – a symbol of spirituality, wisdom and knowledge;
  • 8 – a symbol of money;
  • 9 – symbol of love.

Now when you buy a house you can make a forecast for the family by its number. Assume that the number of your house, 267, this means that life in this house will be full of love (2), all family members will serve (6), would be wiser and improve their knowledge (7).

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