Numerology date of Birth aspects

Numerology date of Birth

Numerology date of birth

How to succeed in life, written countless books, the issue the subject of hundreds of publications and articles. Almost everyone is afraid of what might be in the wrong place, make a wrong thing. Have full confidence that the business started to prosper and become profitable, and any business undertaken to end in your favor – it is too beautiful fairy tale, in which it is very hard to believe. However, there is a way to do it. And your story can become a reality right now!

At the date of birth of the person is registered, what you represent, on what basis you have to rely in order to achieve success in various endeavors. If this entry read the child’s parents, it would be possible during childhood and adolescence to avoid many troubles and difficulties. Indeed, the number of dates of birth and also defines the basic talents, aptitudes and character. Knowing the tendencies teenager, much easier to pick up a class, make a “bet” on education, which is fitting for a man according to his ability.

The number of birth

The number of the day of birth – a pointer basic features of human nature, which allows you to fully judge the individual in conjunction with his name and number with the life path.

Example calculation, 01/01/2012
Your birthday number – 1

Creative inclinations, a strong will and a sense of independence. Mental work is balanced exercise and feel excellent. You are sensitive, but not for show, and so create the impression of isolation. Covsem bit of effort you need to exit out of the doldrums.

Vibration birthday

We know that all around us is in constant vibration. Our planet and the whole universe is no exception, as well as the body of every person, every letter and number. The following vibration of the birth should be used so that, where possible, each of them reminded of the importance and productivity figures of the cycle. It is this cycle allows full use of all the hidden talents and abilities. Such use is an important part of the daily program of human life, which is determined by the name given to him at birth.

Example calculation, 01/01/2012
Your vibration birthday – 1

You are independent, original, creative, a born leader, a pioneer.

The number of life’s journey

The number of life’s journey is the main goal, which is aware of a person and that it seeks to achieve. It is human nature and the talents that each day he shows the world around them. Life path number is the same, so it takes a permanent place in my life. That it has on each of us to the vibrations that affect the course of human life from its very birth.

In theory, two people with the same number of their way of life must be very similar to each other in many ways. However, in practice this happens rarely. Life path number can reveal personality traits and temperaments that are inherited by man, and thus, are able to influence the management of the external circumstances and factors.

In the prehistoric world life path number is the dominant parameter in determining the nature of man. However, in the modern world, its value and performance may come under the influence of various factors, and the value of the number is usually low. Remember, however, that a person should not act against their natural inclinations, so the number of the path of life plays a significant role in the lives of each of us.

Example calculation, 01/01/2012
Your life path number – 7

Keyword – wisdom. Are you one of those who seek knowledge. You learn, test, prove anything and get information about the unknown, digs into the mysteries of life. You are observant, and optimistic. Not trusting other word for it, you gather the facts. 7 – the number of individuals: you spend a lot of time in solitude, but use this time for good – reading, thinking, learning, discovering or inventing something. You have some selected friends. You have to deal with the world’s thinkers. You are attracted to the mysteries of the spiritual, metaphysical, not manual labor. To find true happiness, you need an assistant.

“Seven” are teachers, writers, etc. You have to share your knowledge with the world. Leadership and partnership – not for you. You are mysterious to others, and they are misunderstanding you, do not reach for you. Your success comes from achieving professional excellence. You are patient, confident, balanced, intuitive, and have the mental Providence. Beware of negative vibrations: impatience, melancholy, apathy, attachment to alcohol, secrecy, aloofness from the problems of laziness.

Number of circumstances

Number of circumstances, a man tells how, what, and in what circumstances, he will make his innate qualities (abilities, talents, etc.)

Example calculation, 01/01/2012
Your number of circumstances – 9

Useful, meaningful life. Diverse talent, admired friends, excellent reputation.

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