Numerology Career and Business

Numerology and career

Work is a major part of our lives. In it, we realize our identity, to show their physical and spiritual potential. The work rewarding, and not irritating to and routine, to correctly choose and work with enthusiasm.

Admission to the school without calling to the profession, and just at the insistence of the parents as to follow the fashion or the advice of friends and acquaintances often results in an error that can change a person’s life for the worse. Therefore it is better to ask for help in astrology or numerology. According to experts the accuracy of such estimates is about 80%. But if astrology requires great knowledge, the use of spreadsheets for calculations, as well as the date, time and place of birth of the person, for numerological calculations you need a pen, paper, calculator, and date of birth.

Numerology is simple and accessible to everyone. It considers only the behavioral aspects of the human person. It developed a language, which belongs to the discussion of personal qualities. As we have learned to read the letters, so you can learn how to read the numbers. Numerology now widely known and most effective method of knowledge of self and others.

Each person is affected by a few basic numbers: Numbers life path, destiny, soul, personality, and the number of maturity. To select a profession we need consider only the impact of life’s journey, including dates of birth.

The number of life’s journey – is something with which you have been implemented and what you should do. It shows what your nature is, and what skills you have to realize in this world. Destiny is determined by the number of date of birth. Add up the number of birth month, day and year. Roll up to a single number.

For example: January 27, 1989:
2 +7 +0 +1 +1 +9 +8 +9 = 37 = 3 +7 = 10 = 1 +0 = 1

Consider the business acumen to the number of human life course:

Number 1 and career

In any work expresses his personality. Pioneer and experimenter. Dynamic, has business acumen, values ​​time. Think and act clearly. Independent in estimates and changes them. Itself can catch fire and ignite any other matter. Dedicated to the cause wholeheartedly supports its employees. For him it is important to feel the importance of the case, he strives for success and recognition. He will suit an active, lively, varied work, which shows the result, where you can show determination, responsibility, and introduce new ideas and a new approach. Work with communication, travel, travel, social and spiritual work, law, any work associated with the idea.

Not suitable monotonous and boring job where he will not take their own decisions, to experiment and to work with people, where you have to take care of others and patience.

Number 2 and business

Serious and thoughtful about the work, giving all to the cause. Team player. Slow but responsibly. He does everything quietly and systematically, delving into all the details of work. Has insight, intuition, sees many of the details and the details are not visible to others. It is reliable, never let you down. His ability is best expressed in the work of the people.

Works well with the real thing, where you can see the result of his work, he likes to make things durable and good quality. The approach of the social and the service sector, where there is interaction with people. Not suitable job that requires speed, reaction time, where working conditions are constantly changing, where you have to be tough with people, where necessary pioneers and experimenters, administrative work.

Number 3 and business

Business imagination multilateral interests, energy, intelligence, optimism it apart. Able to generate a huge number of constructive ideas. He has great enthusiasm and an innate ability to finding success, including financial.

He likes intelligent, interesting for him work that can be done in a short period of time, preferably containing every time something new. Suit any business that requires ingenuity, mental stress, management, travel, work with a computer, in the media, as well as a case where there is a rapid turnover of Finance. Not suitable work monotonous, repetitive, and accountability for others.

The number 4 and career

It conveys the seriousness, patience, awareness. Prefer a stable and reliable business. Takes responsibility morally and financially. Is for other support and protection. Strives for order and planning. Draws attention to the smallest details. New projects and business begins only after careful preparation.

Suitable production of something tangible, industry, construction, agriculture, commerce, as well as work related to the protection and control. Does not fit the job at which you need to take quick decisions in a frequently changing environment, short-term and emotionally unstable. He was not good at short, doubtful, adventurous activities, rather lengthy projects.

Number 5 and career

Performs well in all that require organizational skills and ability to communicate with people. Adheres to the laws and established procedures. Prefers work that is associated with a variety of demands quick decision making, gives the opportunity to follow the general course of affairs of the enterprise. He needs a mobile activity and free routines.

Suitable job where you can express yourself, your organizational skills: administrator, manager, manager, entrepreneur, director, teacher, social worker, etc. Not afraid to change the scope of work. Not suitable for large organizations, if no prospects of promotion, avoiding all, where the final product or imperceptible, or does not cause him inspiration. Constant and monotonous work he quickly bored.

Number 6 and business

Organized, flexible, intelligent and reliable worker. And the collective interests of the case – the main thing for him. A hard worker. It performs well in the work that requires diligence, talking to people, understanding other people’s problems. It attracts a comfortable and pleasant place to work. Prefer to work in a team.

Any activity that requires practical implementation of specific tasks. Work connected with the educational institutions, community organizations, medicine. Activity where you can take care of others, as well as associated with the introduction of a life of harmony and beauty. Not suitable work, which require rapid, decisive action, administration, business people as well as large-scale operations.

Number 7 and business

Self-confident, patient, balanced, intuitive, has an extraordinary analytical mind. He constantly seeks new knowledge. Financial success comes as a result of painstaking, professional and personal work. Ability to focus, the ability to analyze, insight contribute to its progress and prosperity.

Without effort can become an expert in many fields. Fits any work related to the spread of knowledge and science, jurisprudence, law, control, finances: consultant, diplomat, manager. Increased interest in the psychology of human relationships. Work related to the skill of creating beauty and harmony: the designer, stylist, hairdresser, art dealing, etc. Avoid working in a big team, with a very rapid pace.

Number 8 and business

Dynamic and responsible. His common sense, courage, decision making, firm principles is the best suited for large projects and the implementation of further goals. It has the ability to inspire people and unite them for the job. Success comes only with the cooperation and help others. Financial success is inherent in it more than others.

Everything connected with the responsibility, analysis, resolution of complex problems, leadership, finances. The manager has the talent in all activities, especially in business and financial operations. Understands the material world, intuitively knows how to make this or that financial project. The desire to make money and position his only priorities, excluding spiritual values, will inevitably lead to the loss, which is usually the major life changes: bankruptcy, financial failures. However, it has the ability to overcome such situations better than others.

Number 9 and business

It has a wide range of interests, rich insight, creative imagination, a sense of beauty and harmony. It is better to see the case as a whole, the prospects for development than the details. His interests are truly comprehensive, and it all possible. Prefers to work independently and on own initiative. His attitude to work is determined by the interest in it.

He is interested in any job where there is an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, where you can share knowledge, to use them for the benefit of others. Work with communication, travel, travel, social and spiritual work, law, any work associated with the idea. Prefers to work with a free order of the day. Not suitable job that requires care and attention to detail, the monotony and repetition, where we have to adhere to strict rules, where the final product – the subject, not the idea, which does not encourage independence.

Blue Smith recommends: “Stay that to which you are inclined by nature, do not leave the road, which indicates your desire. Whether those for which you created by nature, and you are good you will go forth, and be something different, and you will be a thousand times more insignificant than zero”.

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