Numerology and Stones

HNumerology and Gemstones

Numerology and Gemstones

Wearing jewels in our lives tends to be perceived as an opportunity to assert himself, to decorate. The stones used as charms, although the credibility of the individual selection of the mascot is often poor. But the original ancient science Gemology, described more than 5,000 years ago, shows and other benefits of wearing precious stones.

Gems can be used as talismans to improve the lot, to protect his home, the ability to prevent accidents, increase luck and wealth. In addition, the rocks are also widely used for medical therapy. The stones are treated fairly and treated well, even the most severe disease not treatable by modern medicine. The energy of the planets can be properly resolved with the help of precious stones. This energy counteracts the undesirable influence of adverse planets reinforces the strengths of the planet, and in some cases, and weak of the world.

Often, when people suffer from chronic, physical or mental illnesses that modern medicine or doctors can not cure, the cause often lies in an acute shortage, surplus, or planetary energy imbalance in the aura of the person.

Precious stones can affect human health, their well-being and longevity, improving, involving and strengthening the various types of planetary energies. For each planet, there are certain kinds of precious stones, which are characterized by color and the ability to skip a particular energy of the planet. Months, days, and signs of the zodiac governed by different planets – the moment of birth of the person and the totality of the planets at this time will indicate the most favorable stone for him. Using numerology life card, you can pick up a stone, which will contribute to success and conservation of vital energy.

The list of gemstones associated with each month:

  • January – Garnet;
  • February – Amethyst;
  • March – Bloodstone or Aquamarine;
  • April – Diamond;
  • May – Emerald;
  • June – Pearl or Moonstone;
  • July – Ruby;
  • August – Sardonyx or peridot;
  • September – Sapphire;
  • October – Opal or Pink Tourmaline;
  • November-Topaz or citrine;
  • December – Turquoise or Zircon

Each zodiac sign is controlled by one of the planets and each planet corresponds to the jewel in accordance with its color. In India, the ratio of nine planets with precious stones called navaratna (“nine gems”). Precious stones correspond with certain planets, and their selection must be very accurate.

Below is a list of gems of birth, corresponding to ancient writings:

  • Ruby – The Sun (Leo);
  • Pearls – the Moon (Cancer);
  • Coral – Mars (Aries, Scorpio);
  • Emerald – Mercury (Gemini, Virgo);
  • Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces);
  • Brilliant – Venus (Taurus, Libra);
  • Blue Sapphire – Saturn (Capricorn, Aquarius);
  • Hessonite – Rahu;
  • Cat’s Eye – Ketu

The Vedic system has a wealth of experience in the use of precious stones, with which you can increase the influence of favorable planets. The main features determine the most appropriate gemstones are considered from the position of the planets in the horoscope, and the most important point is the position of the Ascendant and the Moon. Also in Vedic numerology is considered an important planetary periods (Dasha), when the planets have the greatest impact on human life. These periods of from six to twenty years are in life, exerting an influence on him one way or another planet. They can be strengthened by wearing a gemstone of the planet, the managing of this period, which will bring good luck and health.

Gemstones of planets that have a negative impact, and the stones of the planets, with rigid nature (such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu) can be used to propitiate the planets through the chanting of the mantras. Used to invoke the mercy of the planets, Graha Puja, precious stones help to increase the effect of such actions. Choosing the same precious stones that are associated with negative planetary influences, people complicate their lives.

In the Vedic system made to pay attention to the planetary deities, graha-maidens that govern certain gems. Their influence is based on the corresponding numbers in numerology map of life. Understanding the impact of graha-dev has its roots in ancient Vedic tradition. The use of gems as a way to appeal the ruling deity of the planet – a powerful energy impact. Vedic knowledge encompasses all aspects of human life, starting with simple things and ending with the cosmology and nuclear physics.

However, many of the mysteries of Vedic knowledge still remain a mystery. Vedic knowledge is considered unborn. It has not emanated from the mind of man, but was given by God, as a guide for use in this world for all living creatures that inhabit this world, known as death-lock, “the mortal world.” Vedic numerology student needs to know the ultimate goal of the Vedas, which is liberation from the material condition of man and return him to the eternal spiritual abode where there is no cycle of birth and death. Then such a study will be filled with a deep, true meaning and the desired result.

There are close links between the microcosm of man, his body and the universe. Planets have a significant influence on the destiny of man, giving him what he deserves for his past accomplishments in past incarnations. The planetary energy gives people the ability to perception, action in accordance with certain qualities of the planets. Sometimes these influences are negative with respect to the person that can cause illness, accidents and failures. This is due to an excess or shortage of a certain energy. For example, an excess of hot rays of Mars can cause inflammatory diseases and accidents. Avoid it or reduce the activity of the planet by using repetition of mantras of the planets, wearing jewels or use yantras (see “Talismans of numbers”). Gems – the conductors of the planetary energy. Due to the purity of precious stones, wearing it, the person receives the missing planetary energy that can help him in life. The ancient Indian kings, were adorned with numerous precious stones, which gave them the courage, bravery and wealth. All of these decorations were selected individually for each person. There are huge tracts of describing the rules for selection of precious stones, and describe what they give to man. One of these treatises – “Taruda-Purana.” It a great sage Suta, describes the power and the glory of the precious stones. One of the most important rules of wearing jewels is its immaculate purity:

“Pure, flawless gems have auspicious effects, can protect from demons, snakes, poison, diseases, sinful reactions, and other hazards, while the damaged stones have the opposite effect.” (Garuda Purana, 68:17).

“The precious stone, free from all kinds of impurities and contaminants, and has a natural inner brilliance, is a stone bearing a fortune. Precious stones, which broken have cracks, inclusions or impurities lacking luster, with sandy or rough form, are just some of unhappiness and should not be used “(Agni Purana, 246:7-8).
Gems are like radio waves transforming into sound. What a perfect stone, the cleaner will be the perception of planetary energy. In the presence of even a small defect in the stone signal will be distorted and may backfire. Always be careful when choosing gemstones using only matching stones with appropriate quality.

For each planet, graha, there is the closest to her stone. They are classified by color and the ability to provide appropriate energy. In “Yantra Chintamani” are the main rocks to the nine planets, navagraha, and transferred to the regions where they are better than mine: Sun – Ruby, Moon – pearl, Mars – Coral, Mercury – emerald, Venus – Diamond, Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire ; Saturn – Blue Sapphire, Rahu – Hessonite, Ketu – Cat’s Eye.

But now the precious stones of high quality is fairly rare and expensive, not everyone can find them and afford to buy. You can use uparatna, less expensive stones, which can serve as an alternative replacement navaratna (planetary gemstone). These gems have the same ability to pass the energy of the planets, but to a lesser extent. Therefore, the size of the stones should generally be greater than for the main gemstones. All stones have a gradation of color, and each color allows the stone to pass a particular planetary energy.

Here is a list of alternative rock (in parentheses the name of the original gem):

Sun (Ruby) – garnet, zircon, red, white quartz, red tourmaline, red spinel.
Moon (Pearl) – moonstone, agate, quartz, white sapphire, black tourmaline.
Mars (Coral) – Red Agate, karnelian, red jasper.
Mercury (Emerald) – aquamarine, peridot, green agate, jade, green zircon, tourmaline green.
Jupiter (yellow sapphire) – topaz, citrine, yellow pearl, yellow zircon, tourmaline yellow.
Venus (Diamond) – zircon, white sapphire, black tourmaline.
Saturn (Blue Sapphire) – blue zircon, blue spinel, amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue tourmaline.
Rahu (Hessonite) – hyacinth, gomed.
Ketu (cat’s eye) – turquoise.

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