Numerology and Money

Numerology and money

Many thousands of years ago, people had come up with what a short time later was valued above all else – money. From Pocono centuries and to this day, the powers that their time obtaining knowledge for the conservation, storage, augmentation of money, and this problem, after health, the most exciting topic, since Adam and Eve. Sometimes the objective economic laws can not cope with the solution of the problem, and then have the support of esoteric magic, numerology and more precisely money.

How much money can be donated to spend the purchase of works of art or donate to charity? Is the company of seven people to multiply capital? Is it possible to keep in the bank or invest in the bank amount 50, 500, 5000, etc.? Lend 20 (200 or 2000) – you did not have guarantees on debt collection? All these questions will answer numerology money!

People of number 1

(born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month)

In magic numbers zero, one and two are equivalent and interchangeable. It is a whole, a single, all-encompassing. Therefore talk about a unit equivalent to a conversation about the origin, then there is nothing.

People of number 2

(born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month)
The number “two” in the financial sense is a symbol of poverty and the economy. The number “two” is also a sense of duty, the need to divide and share, give and give.

When it comes to money, to be afraid of the number “two.” Lend 20 (200 or 2000) – you did not have guarantees for the return of the debt. Moreover, your blood will leave the borrower, like water in the sand: nothing will be bought, but spent. If you pay one of these amounts, you know – it is not money, but a Trojan horse. After short-term success will be wasted your expectations. Discussing the value of remuneration or salaries, beware the above figures. Let the agreed amount will be at least a penny more or less.

We now turn to shopping and price. Know acquired for a Two the amount of a thing may be unnecessary or disappoint you. Just do not keep money at the same time in two purses, pockets or banks. The fact that the two – a synonym of deception, fraud and theft. No wonder that the thieves and liars Chinese hell Diyuy punished in the second part.

People of number 3

(born on 3, 12, 21 or 30 of any month)
The number “three” dynamic and open. It signifies the emergence of a new quality, potency, expansion of small to large. Troika invariably represents a private initiative, action, action, a new situation.

Number Three shows the movement of capital and expense than the stock, so it’s hard to put aside for a rainy day 30 (300 or 3000) kakih-nibud cu quickly climb to the collection and begin to ravage her. But notwithstanding that the above amount is convenient to borrow. And not once, but three times. After all, the English will take “one and the same friend borrow money up to three times.” If you decide to buy a lottery ticket, take the three of them at once. So you increase your chances tenfold.

For Three the amount recommended to make the important things, you can meditate with three new case. But delusion is not worth, know not yawn, keep up with life. The number “three” is not rare hints risky business. And also shows careless attitude to money, or lack of conformity to the effort receivable.

People of number 4

(born on 4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month)
The number “four” assumes a stable financial position, average income, salary, pension, stockpiling for a rainy day. This predictability in finance, reliability, and therefore to guarantee for the future, deserved earned by their own labor and the expected benefit. Matter if you put 40 (400 or 4000) coins, money is not wasted, you spend them start when decided, and those needs, which charted in advance.

The four – a family budget and interest on bank deposits, ordinary purchases and monthly utility payments, payments for purchased in installments. Another sign is a reasonable cost and the ability to budget planning.

Four companions can keep a reliable business, if trust each drugu.Odnako all have to earn their own labor. Four – this is a standard situation that requires standard solutions. Initiative in the area of ​​the four offense. Salary of 400 or 4,000 paid regularly, but the increase has to wait a long time. Small receipts of the four places – the perfect case for those who like to live in abundance and does not like to take risks. The number “four” can mean frameworks, regulations, the absence of a growth, even sluggish economy.

People of number 5

(born on 5, 14, 23 of any month)
If the triple is created for financial undertakings and earnings, four – for storage and accumulation of money, then the number “five” indicates that it is time to spend with ease denyushki or prudently dispose earned. That is, at the same time has a five to expenses and purchases of capital portends the future, calls us to long-term planning. As you know, the development of production in Russia went five years, and it is not our invention, but prevailing in the economy worldwide practice.

Stored in the bank amount 50, 500, 5000, unnatural: still will quickly stash spend. But let the above amounts to the wind (entertainment, fun) easy and pleasant. Five – a synonym for extravagance. Because such amounts must be taken on a journey to leave on a business trip to the restaurant. “Penny penny” nice to spend on your favorite gifts for something romantic and heartfelt. In “Five” can take a risk and win, make a donation and get a hundredfold. Remember, five brings happiness in money. Finally everything is in its proportionality and depends on the situation. We ourselves make of his five coins fiat thousand or treasure buried in the ground.

People of number 6

(born on 6, 15, 24 of any month)
Common sense and all calculations of currency led the number “six”, it is only in our financial life appeared six, it’s time to tighten the belt more tightly.

Six – is periodic routine, familiar and everyday amounts. For example, for food, for clothing shoe repair, all payments in installments and commission fees.

Six – a service job from start to finish, the monthly salary earnings. Six of us work and earn, and robbing banks. That’s you, if in a group or family have six – and will have to work to get what is owed, but not income and not income, not manna from heaven. Six – is autonomy in certain situations framework in the financial sector – are certain limitations which, however, can be reconciled. It is the force of habit and lack of private initiative and even pedantry and formalism in the line of duty. Six people are not master of the situation, but not a servant of the situation, he with his own abilities, their own minds all can achieve.

People of number 7

(born on 7, 16, 25 of any month)
Seven – for money is poor, even dangerous number. All material things like stability, but not a surprise. A seven creates such situation concerning the life, property and money that a person can not be explained and are not subject to.

Seven – a loss and acquisition due to a collision with the naive dishonest. The company of seven people is not necessary for the peace of capital and labor. Their activities are inseparable from crime, fraud, risk, loss of property and misery to others. Seven for money – filthy lucre $ 70, 700, 7000 or store, do not give and do not take a loan, do not put in the bank, not to bequeath not trust anyone, ever. They will be gone or will bring misfortune. Note that the “777” generates income only casino owners, not the visitors. Seven – it is a need, on the brink of poverty, hopelessness.

Turning the soil magic, we can say to the seven opposition laid the material world. Gaining its not material but spiritual, and losses – the signal for internal change and spiritual growth. The number “seven” – is an illusion reliable financial position and therefore our vanity mercantilist thought and effort. Seven – the superiority of the spiritual over the material, the faith of the thing, the idea of ​​a reality. Do not be afraid to seven, but I respect it.

People of number 8

(born on 8, 17, 26 of any month)
Eight – it is a symbol of eternal movement of money and property, fluctuations around some established society and the market value. Eight shows cash receipts from various sources and also in the sense of spending. Will you keep up with the wheel of fortune – will attain wealth, be late – stay on the beans.

Therefore, eight – it indexes of financial activity, the trend of rising and falling, the game is on the decline and rise. This sale and purchase, import and export, profit and loss, income and expenses, wills and inheritance, other people’s money and debts. This is something that depends on the price policy, macroeconomic indicators. It is an investment, foreign exchange, interest rates, currency exchange rates and equity markets.

May deprive the last eight or money to throw when, in general, is not very much and wanted. If you want to buy shares – take eight of them, and even better eight different stocks. Even you should know: Eight people – it is not the market, and the market.

Eight – the number and luxury, and moderation, and permanent financial change. If the material side of your life began to lead the eight, there are only two ways. Or become a Finance professional. Or count to eight, as already mentioned. And do not be afraid to find, and not to be afraid to lose, because life – the game and the game collective. It has rates and rules. Losers and winners. We are all in debt to each other, as long as the game continues to death no one will die.

People of number 9

(born on 9, 18, 27 of any month)
Nine of money and wealth is relevant is not the greatest. Rather, it indicates a lack of money or lack of interest to financial problems. This is a unique result, the achievements, the situation where the benefits of wealth is not clear. Nine gives people the wisdom bestowed understanding that money can not buy happiness.

Hardly be advisable to operate with $ 9, 90, 900 and 9000. Initiative and the desire to make money from partners, mentioning such sums, to be honest, no. It is better to keep away from such business.

However, the above sum can give, to spend on the purchase of works of art and to invest in cultural projects. Even the “nine” can donate to charity.

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