Number 18, Eighteen in numerology

Number 18 - Eighteen in numerology

Numerology – Number 18

The sum of number 1 and number 8 is 9. In numerology all three numbers – 1, 8, 9 – are well balanced, but the numbers 8 and 9, the impact is greater than the number one influence. Formed an unusual ambitious, strong and energetic figure a connection to the very talented, artistic abilities coat-tails and delicate number 8, which often do not understand. This connection, the result is an outstanding personality. Such a connection can also be explosive, but the number 9 counterbalance this trend. Since 9 is a number of Mars, it gives these people fighting properties. In this way, all three numbers depicted number features the 18.

Emotional characteristics of people of number 18

Number 18 with emotional and sex-related characteristics are mainly determined by number 9. These people are very sexual, but are unable to express their will and often experiencing frustration. They believe that the desire to express the shame and it seems to show weakness. They suppress it yourself and indulge in melancholy. But they are also influenced by the number 8, which is sensitive and gentle lover, and sexually potent. Conflicts can occur in rare because the number 8 does not hide anything from them by love.

All components – 1, 8, 9 is sexually powerful, and can imagine the results it gives. Number 9 is dominated, as well as the number 1, so the number is 18 wants to be a determinant of the heart. Partner should be gentle and docile, otherwise nothing will come. In addition, it should be the primary sex number 9, because the number 18 is unable to openly express their feelings and desires. This number is a very loyal friend, but they are not easy to live with. At the same time, the number 8 number 18 counteracts the dominant character and prevent it by force to impose their will on others. Although the number 18 is not easy to get along, but these people are interesting, smart and even pleasant companions. in short, his partner or friend to be compliant and at the same time – the leader of sex, that is, he should know when to take control.

People of number 18 in relationship

Number’s 18 friends can be people who have the same mental qualities and ambition. 18th date of births vanity prevail, people who do not, they are considered as Feeble, with them they are not keen on contact. They just despise those who are not as vigorous, but endures, thanks to number eight effects. Although it is domineering, they can be good friends, because the number 8 make them sensitive and suppresses the desire to command. In order to maintain the friendship, not to speak to them in return.

The lucky numbers of 18

The lucky numbers – the best understanding of 1, 10, 28, 8, 17, 26, 9, 18, 27.
Unsuccessful numbers – 7, 16, 25.
Lucky dates -1st, 8th, 9th
Lucky days – Monday, especially on Tuesday.
Bad months – April, July.
Lucky colors – red, light blue.
Lucky stones – ruby.
Diseases – disorders and fever. The diet should be ginger, garlic, green onions and green peppers.

Disadvantages of people of number 18

The number 18 people is very domineering and managing only the presence of the number 8 does not allow it to become unpleasant.

Numerology expert advice number 18 people

18th the date in numerology is the newborn should be treated lenient for others, otherwise they will lose friends. They have an excellent driving characteristics, intelligence, diligence, but if they start to behave towards others, without any ceremonies, sympathy for them is lost. Not all of them understood it and loved ones. These people should not be intolerant of those who are not with them in one mind. If they will deal with these negative characteristics and tendencies, it can become an outstanding man and a high climb.

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