Number 14, Fourteen in numerology

Number 14 - Fourteen in numerology

Numerology – Number 14, Fourteen

People of number 14 – they have three people in one person. Both numbers are contrary, but the amount – 5 – are quite different in nature, but a conflict that fact does not. Number 1 – it is the leader in numerology, short-tempered and ambitious, number 4 – very clever, methodical, and the prodigal pessimist, the digital sum – mercantile number, which is only one god – money.

This is the only kind of connection. 14th those born at the date of ambition merged with money greed. They succeed in substantive matters, as has the leadership skills, initiative and energy, mind, and all of its energy they can bring to the acquisition of money. However, they are wasteful, but this feature controls the number fifth Beneath it all lies in the number four characteristic pessimism, but it is not particularly dominant feature. A total of number 14 is ambitious, the money-orientate, energetic man, who you get on.

Emotional characteristics and relationship of number 14 people

The following people for spouses and friends must be very rich, otherwise they can not hope for good relations. These people are not very sincere, and they are hard to love. On the other hand – they have a number of attractive characteristics and they tend to the opposite sex. They are polite and diplomatic. They have a lot of good friends, they have no makes them against self-incrimination, understanding that every once can be useful. Spouses of these people have the same materialistic. They are unable to cope with people who have a different mindset. They do not need those who do not care about money. This is the reason simple ordinary contact. Sexual event they are strong people, but also in the field of their interest in linking the possibility of getting money.

The lucky numbers of 14

The lucky numbers – 1, 10, 28, 5, 14, 23.
Unsuccessful numbers – 4, 22, 13, 31.
Lucky dates – 5th, 14th, 23.
Lucky days – Wednesday, Saturday.
Bad months – June, July, September.
Lucky color – white.
Lucky stones – diamond.
Diseases – joint diseases. The diet should be ginger, garlic, carrots and dried fruits.

Disadvantages of number 14 people

Number 14 people in numerology – it is the opportunists who uses people and then when they are no longer needed, do not seem to not care, so the gain enemies. Being somewhat pessimistic, it is suspicious. Such people are extremists and they are falling from one extreme to another.

Numerology expert advice number 14 people

These people of number 14 are both making progress in the material field, but it is lonely, with its present materialism they are put off by friends. From it they need to get rid of. Their mindsets are negative, and this complicates the relationship. They have your mind set on a bed of more positive and strengthened a number of good qualities.

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