Number 13 Meaning

The symbolism of the number 13

Typically, the number 13 is considered unlucky, because in many countries, the figure is absent from the office door, hotel rooms, cabins ships, houses. This is due to the fact that this number is considered to be one greater than hypernatural dozen, and it is dangerous disharmony, explosion, too rapid a transition to a new quality. Hence the connection of this with the concept of death, as the latter means a transition to a new phase of life, which is the other being in relation to this-worldly existence. Occult tradition says that the number of 13 comprises several varieties of death, depending on its causes, which is expressed in various ways the expansion of the number.

That’s what kind of death highlights Moebius:
1) 13 = 1 + 12 – death voluntarily adopted as a victim;
2) 13 = 12 + 1 – a violent death;
3) 13 = 11 + 2 – death consciously choose your pole;
4) 13 = 3 + 10 – a natural death in the logic of man;
5) 13 = 10 + 3 – natural death from the point of view of logic macrocosm, death in childbirth;
6) 13 = 4 + 9 – death, to reveal their secrets at the dedication
7) 13 = 9 + 4 – premature death from unsuitable living conditions;
8) 13 = 5 + 8 – death by virtue of the law (eg, capital punishment);
9) 13 = 8 + 5 – death, based on the higher defiance of the law, that is suicide;
10) 13 = 6 + 7 – death struggle for the victory of the idea;
11) 13 = 7 + 6 – death in an unequal struggle;
12) 13 = 12 + 1 – death as a consequence of the completeness of the problem on earth.

The number 13 has played an important role in necromancy and dark cults, where it was used as a force, which is caused by spirits. However, from an esoteric point of view, the number 13 symbolizes the death, beyond which begins the transformation and resurrection.
The number 13 is prominent in Masonic symbolism. It was introduced in the American press during the adoption of the Constitution in 1789. 13 stars above the head of the American eagle symbolize the 13 states that joined the Union. Solomon’s Seal, with its magical base includes 13 stars. Researcher symbols F. Goodman in his book, “Magic Symbols” wrote:

“Number 13, of course, was of great importance, which explains the presence of the left leg Eagle thirteen arrows and thirteen processes olive branch in a different foot. One paw symbolizes peace, another war … these extremes were a reflection of the times.” Thirteenth Aeon was considered a major Gnostic tradition, and twelve other managers contacted by Jesus Christ.
Mystical root of the number 13, which comes as a result of the Theosophical adding numbers 1 and 3, is the number four – the sacred tetractys Pythagoreans.

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