Number 11 Meaning

The symbolism of the number 11

It was considered a sacred number, symbolizing a “duality in the use of power” (Mobius), which led to the clearance or spiritual consequences, or to destruction and chaos. This is due to the ambivalent nature of the number 11, based on the rejection of 10. Biblical meaning symbolism developed Augustine says that if a dozen – it’s the law, then the number eleven is a violation of all the revolutionary ideas of the rule of law. In the esoteric sense of the sacred is the number symbolizing the concept of purification, a sign of life and death, opening the way to the higher realms of existence. Represents the number of the most faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

X. E. Kerlot writes about the number 11 that:
“Eleven symbolizes the transition, excess and danger, as well as conflict and martyrdom. According to Schneider, it has a kind of infernal property: because it has a surplus of the perfect number (ten), then, consequently, it means lack of restraint, but at the same it corresponds to the time (just two) Mount as a mandorla, the central point of the symbolic transformations and antithesis, as it is composed of one plus one (comparable in their mode of education with two). ”

Occult and hermetic tradition identifies with the idea of ​​the number 11 egregornyh chains managed divine will. The ratio of 5 and 6, that is their addition 5 + 6 = 11, gives a formula, used in ceremonial magic, “microcosm affects the macrocosm” (numbers 6 and 5 constitute the number of the macrocosm and microcosm). Sufi tradition also attached great importance to the number 11, considering it in its basic numerical symbolism, where it causes one of the names of Allah. Rene Guenon emphasized universal presence of the number 11 in the symbolism of Dante and many secret organizations, and spoke of the importance of his works: “22 is the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, know what it is set in the Kabbalah, and 33 is the number of years of earthly life of Christ, which occurs in the symbolic age Masonic Rosenkreutz, as well as in the number of degrees of Scottish Freemasonry, the Arabs – is the total numerical value of the name of Allah, and 99 – is the number of principal divine attributes according to the Islamic tradition. ”

Profound sacredness of the number 11 highlights Egyptian numerology researcher I. Shmelev, who writes about surviving crypts What country following:
“In the crypt of Hesi-Ra posted 22 panels, including one title (” Dean “). So, there are 11 fields with images and the same on the back side, on which the diagrams for explaining apparently use technology canon. Total 22 field carrying information … Basic scientific principles (principles) of Ancient Egypt formulated in 22 Arcana, consisting of two groups of 11 each arcana. first group lays down the basic ideas of the world order. Number 22 was the magic (power) because the first unit second step (stage) of the decimal system is the initial (nominal) level of the decimal “layer” – it is also a “hierarchy” of the previous ten. “brain trust” of ancient Egypt, as we know, there were those-Hierophant (reading or knowing the fate of the future) – Secret Keeper (hermetic) of knowledge, among which, as noted, include knowledge of harmony. Hierophants were 11 people together with their leader, the dean of the South (Upper Egypt), and the same “stand-ins” in the North (Lower Egypt). ”

Guénon notes that “the number of 22 was achieved in 33 Scottish rite degree to which it is associated with the date of cancellation of the Knights Templar, calculated according to the Masonic chronology, not conventional.” It is useful to recall the 11-year cycle of solar activity, has according to the opening Chizhevskogo such a big impact on the Earth.

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