Number 10 Meaning

The symbolism of Number 10 (Decad)

The esoteric meaning of the number ten is that it is continuing the course outlined by the number nine symbolizes the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčabsolute perfection and a numeric completion, return to the source of all the single digits – one. Cornelius Agrippa said on this subject: “The number ten is named worldwide and the total number, the full path of life, because of the number of repetitions believe, and it contains all the numbers and explain their own, multiplying them. Therefore, it is considered a number of different energies. None of the above .. it’s all “tenth has something of the divine”. In this case, you just named, the divine aspect of the number ten means sky, the highest integrity, absolute fullness, a return to unity on a new level. In its natural aspect ten symbolizes display of nature, matter, performs the will of heaven and the supreme law. In its human aspect, the number ten symbolizes what can be called the divine humanity, implementing the principle of the Kingdom of God on earth, or more precisely, the God-man, the Heavenly Man or Adam-Kadmon. Graphic representation will also be dozens of circle (circle plus its center), a snake crawling up the pole (motion plus peace plan plus shape), and the Tree of Sephiroth.

Speaking as the number of complete and total absolute perfection, ten is a synthesis of being and non-being. According to Debarollya “sign is made up of ten units, the existence, and zero, expressing the nothingness: it is, therefore, contains the spirit and matter, it is the highest point in the mind of humanity, which computes them all.” Many occult philosophers (Cornelius Agrippa, St. Martin, Eliphas Levi) believed that a dozen its perfection can fix other imperfect, incomplete, separated with one another number. Saint-Martin, said: “The number of connections in the decade never presents the image partition and formlessness. Even 2 and 5 share a decade, are bad only when they retire. United’s ten they lose their ugly and shapeless character.” Similar characteristics gives the number 10 Blavatsky: “Ten or decade lists all the units back to the unity and completes the table of Pythagoras. Because this figure – a unit at zero – was a symbol of the Deity of the universe and man. Such is the secret meaning of” capture the lion lapoyu powerful tribe of Judah “( “grip master mason”) between the two arms, connected fingers give the number ten. ”

Manly Hall also emphasizes completing and unifying aspect of the number 10:
“Decade, 10, according to the Pythagoreans, is the greatest number, not only because it is tetractys (10 points), but also because it comprehends all arithmetic and harmonic proportions. Pythagoras said that 10 is the nature of the numbers, because all nations come to her, and when they come to it, they come back to the monad. Decade called and sky, and the world, because the former includes the latter. As a universal number, decade accompanied by the Pythagoreans to those things which are characterized by age, strength, faith, necessity, the power of memory. It was also called restless because, like God, it is not subject to fatigue. Pythagoreans divided the heavenly bodies into ten orders. They also argued that the decade of improving the numbers and embraces in its nature even and odd, mobile and immobile, kind and evil. They associated it with the next deities: Atlas, because it is the number on their shoulders, Urania, Mnemosyne, the Sun, the planets and the One God.” The number 10, made up of the sum of the first four natural numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10), takes in the whole universe and is a four-faced unity of being in ideal aspects, Mystic square inscribed in a circle.

X. E. Kerlot gives ten the following characteristics:
“Ten in decimal represents a return to unity. Tetractys In (Pythagorean triangle with points in four descending rows – four, three, two, one – are summed up to ten), it refers to four. Symbolizes spiritual attainment, as well as the unity of its functions as an even (or ambivalent) number or as the beginning of a new and complex series of numbers. According to some theories, ten symbolizes the integrity of the universe (on two planes: the metaphysical and material), since it leads to the unity of all. known interpretation of this numbers as perfection: the tradition that originated in ancient and in the Pythagorean school leading to St. Jerome. ”

Ten represented not only a symbol of the Tree of the fixed static Sephiroth, but also quite mobile figure “doner”. In a sense, it is a rotating circle. Rene Guenon believes that the best scores of graphic symbol is a circle divided into four equal parts by the cross formed by two rectangular diameters. If quarter geometrically static aspect can be represented as a square, the dynamic aspect, he is depicted as moving, rotating around its center of the cross. This doner, that is full of numerical series, is a well-known “square the circle”, which in fact is the division of the circle into four parts symbolize the connection between spirit and matter.

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