Magic of Clock Time

Numerology – the study of numbers – was the world under different names. Its called science ten fixtures, teaching ten stars, secret ten pillars of the universe, wise book, consisting of ten palm leaves, secret end of the great sea. However, representatives of different magic schools agreed in opinion that all of the figures contain a hidden meaning, and can tell a lot about people.

Clocks tick-tock…

Tell me, what conclusions would you do if, for example, you several times a day will fall on the eyes of the 12 or, say, 48? Nothing, you probably do not pay any attention to it. But in vain, because the number 12, “shouts” – wait for a new acquaintance, and 48 hints at the stormy love affair.

But especially, in the opinion marov have figures that are “reflection” each other: 12 and 21, 32 and 23, or repeat each other – 12:12, 23:23, 11:11. You are nothing like? Well, of course, the digital clock! So come take to learn the wisdom of guessing on these artful clocks.

Rule number one – use an electronic oracle only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rule number two – do not cheat and do not manipulate the facts to suit themselves. Only occasionally seen paired or repetitive figures priot Croutes veil of the future in front of you.

Interpreting the meaning of numbers

00.00 – fulfilling every desire, thought with a pure heart
01.01 – wait for good news from the men game
01.10 – alas, you have started, it’s not bring the expected result
01.11 – do not give up now on any Propositions
02.02 – wait for an invitation to visit or club
02.20 – suppress irritation, follow the words
02.22 – you will discover a mystery
03.03 – knocking at your door love
03.30 – alas, your sense of change remain unanswered
03.33 – Meet the happiness and good fortune
04.04 – look at the situation from the other side
04.40 – Today is clearly not your day fortune to you is (nice man)
04.44 – get a dressing down from his superiors
05.05 – secret enemies plotting against you unfairly
05.50 – Beware of water and fire
05.55 – not far off the meeting with a wise man
06.06 – speedy marriage (marriage)
07.07 – beware of men in uniform
08.08 – career took off
09.09 – guard your purses and handbags
10.01 – acquaintance with the influential men
10.10 – it’s time
11.11 – get dependent on someone (or something)
12.12 – success on the love front.
12.21 – meeting with a charming woman
13.13 – Beware rivals
13.31 – get what long dreamed
14.14 – now a ball is ruled by love
14.41 – get into trouble
15.15 – follow the advice of a wise man
15.51 – get ready for the rapid, but short novel
16.16 – be careful on the road
17.17 – Beware of street hoodlums
18.18 – be careful on the road
19.19 – success in business
20.02 – quarrel with another person.
20.20 – scandal in the family
21.12 – the birth of a child or a new project
21.21 – a whirlwind romance
22.22 – new acquaintance
23.23 – a dangerous relationship
23.32 – problems of health

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