How Numerology works

How Numerology works

What is Numerology

Although numerology and gained great popularity recently, in fact it belongs to one of the oldest sciences. To some extent already numbers themselves form their own language which is understood and enjoyed by many primitive tribes, communicating with each other in the language of numbers. And in ancient alphabets (such as Hebrew) and the numerical values ​​of the letters attributed to …

Your personal date of birth

Everyone has their number vibrant birthday. Number birthday invariably, it is always in a person’s life and is a vibrating effect, existing since birth.

The theory is that two people with the same number of birth, should be similar to each other in many ways, but it happens very rarely. Likely, the number of birth simply reveals the inherited traits of the man lies in his ability to control the circumstances, they serve as guiding factors rather than dominant.

Numerological forecast for a day

In life, there are days of each particularly important: you have a business meeting that day, you get a seat or ask for a raise in salary, and maybe make an offer. Of course, you want everything to go smoothly, and it simply can not help but worry. What do you say? As the most convincing to present its point of view? How to proceed? Yes, the hard questions when any little thing can ruin your future.

But if you determine the vibration of this special day and the power that you get, you just have to think about their tactics and – you can relax with the knowledge that you are in control.
And if you also specify the number of days from a private person you meet, you will not be a surprise, his mood, you’ll know in advance what it will look favorably, and what you better be silent, on what steps it is better to abstain. If the vibration of the day are not favorable to you, it is wise to postpone the meeting and choose a more suitable date, when you have no disturbances.

Numerological forecast for a month

Know how the bed of life will flow in each coming year – this means a lot more deliberately and productively applying force in a certain direction, but to know how should emerge every month, even more important, because you will be able to distribute efforts designed to achieve the goals of the year.

It is much easier to handle large object year, if you can act gradually, guided by personal vibrations month. Each month, in his own image, the form, and it is the combination of these forces creates individual year as integrity. These different vibration inherent in each month, and will give a visual sweeten the dish, so you will not lose your appetite – the year you will not find it too bland and monotonous. Love, work, meetings, discussions, acquisitions and research will be successful if they are supposed to start at the right time. Why waste time and energy, moving against the flow, if you will follow the desired goal of mapping the course?

Numerological forecast for the year

In our life, constantly alternate different events, we fall a different experience, disappointment and success. No person who only saw grief or joy. Perhaps tem-to life and fun. And we can only wonder what will bring us next year. Every year has its place in the puzzle game, which is also called “life.”

Know in advance, even in general terms, what kind of year comes – is to the benefit of live, 365 days a year. Every year has its own special power, without which the integrity of life, and every year will be good for you if you are able to properly use the dominant force in this year. Agree that to know what year it is better to plan, to what can be expected to meet with influential people in what should be focusing on routine, and which will lead you to your goals – this is certainly a great advantage. At the right time in the right place is, as you know, the winner.

Because you can not change the strength of vibration of each particular year, it is reasonable, in anticipation of her own to restructure and adjust their efforts. It is better to change the direction of work than go against the tide and get nowhere.

Nine stars

Nine stars have a wide range of associations beyond astrology. Nine stars change their positions every Chinese New Year. Thus, with each new year (cycles in nine years) you belong to another star. At the end of a nine-year cycle, you go back to the star, which begins the cycle, and it will resume. The star that shines you this year, depending on your age.

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