House Number Meaning

House Number Meaning

What does the house numbers mean

Remember the house where you lived before. Each of them has its own special atmosphere and energy. Some were quiet and cozy, others – like bright and inviting to guests. Numerologists believe that the character of the house directly affects the number.

In order to determine the numerological number of his house, add up the numbers that make it until a single digit. For example, if your house number 56, then the numerological number will be equal to 2 (5 + 6 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2).

Particular attention should be given a house number, in which there are duplicate numbers, e.g. 11, 22 or 33. According to numerologists, such numbers do not need to add, because they represent a unique number, which has its own characteristics. The following is a description for each individual house number.

House Number 1

This house is perfect for a new experience in anything: original ideas, start relationships, thinking about starting a business, getting rid of the complexes. Life here is fast, bright and open relationship. Tenants feel the desire to reach new heights and become stronger and more independent, and many attend fitness clubs, training courses or acquiring new skills. In this regard, the guests in the home are often not due to employment of the owners. This home is suitable for athletes, students, travelers, as well as strong and independent men and women.

House Number 2

House with this number usually boasts a quiet and friendly atmosphere, regardless of how many apartments there and floors. The house has a magical power, forcing people to make small improvements here and there. Typically, in such a house is a small garden or just at the entrance to the plant. Residents love to help each other, which makes living here more comfortable. This is a wonderful home for families whose children will be returning here to visit his parents. Ideal also for teachers, social workers, gardeners and retirees.

House Number 3

This is a happy home. Of course, this does not mean that there will never come into trouble, but at the same time, residents are always in a good mood, ready to receive guests. Prevails throughout the house and creative atmosphere. There will be happy to artists, poets, writers, actors and amateurs dream. Typically, house number 3 different special trim and interior design – the tenants tend to bring him something unique and interesting.

House Number 4

House creates an atmosphere of calm, routine and stability. It is ideal for the development of family or business relationships, brings to the character of the tenants peace of mind and patience. It will feel good trades people associated with the land: for example, engaged in horticulture or architecture. Time passes quickly here and remember the progress that has been committed. This is an ideal home for builders, architects, students, bankers, and managers. House supports all those who are focused on the development and achievement of objectives.

House Number 5

The house is always a lot of traffic, people who move in and out, come to visit or settle in for some long time. There are many ideas of romance and feelings. Residents interested in sports, traveling, do not like long-term prospects. It is a fitting home for writers, teachers, tourism industry, large families with many children, as well as athletes.

House Number 6

This house is ideal for families. People here feel safe and comfortable, between neighbors established a friendly relationship. Most often, the house makes a handsome and beautifully thought out decor. The atmosphere here is conducive to intimate conversations, memories. This house is suitable for nurses, social workers, teachers in kindergarten, retirees, and older families.

House Number 7

In this house the atmosphere of peace, tranquility and contemplation. It is ideal for serious research, learning something. Usually a number are at home with the old architecture, where the atmosphere of mysticism, unexplored. This is a great place for scientists, researchers, teachers, psychologists, and philosophers – to all those who like to analyze his own thoughts, immersed in his inner world.

House Number 8

This money home. Those who dwell here, there are opportunities for career growth and additional revenue, there are ideas for organizing a successful business or start a profitable project. This is a suitable accommodation for politicians, managers, doctors, businessmen and celebrities. However, it should be borne in mind that everything here is pretty big. If a profit, the largest, if a nuisance, something very big.

House Number 9

This house has an atmosphere of calm and comfort. It is well to develop their talents and demonstrate them to others. Time is flowing pretty messy: it is possible that the clock on different levels may show different times. This home is well suited for artists, philosophers, nurses, travelers, and the clergy.

House Number 11

In this house, always work in full swing, people scurry to and fro, full of ideas and options for implementation. Residents of the house usually love to teach, inspire, support and help. Well suited for guides, teachers and artists.

House Number 22

Do residents of this house strongly desire to create an atmosphere of calm and security. The house is well suited for people working in the field of philanthropy.

House Number 33

It’s sunny, warm home. Typically, tenants are his very friendly and hospitable. The atmosphere of fun and joy. The house is well suited for artists, writers, and also people whose profession is connected with the upbringing of children.

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