Choosing an occupation

Choosing an occupation

Numerology of occupation

In terms of numerology, numbers, dates of birth and name are determined not only to the particular nature and personality, but also the propensity to choose a particular field of activity, and even very specific profession.

At first glance, this statement may seem controversial. Indeed, it is hard to believe that Barbara Ballick, who was born in, say, June 1, 2000, must surely be a mechanic, and Liny May, born a day later – corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of UK. If so, where on earth is freedom of choice. Hence, our blind fate in life, it all depends on the case, and the Tooth Fairy – exist?

Confirm or dispute the last statement, we will not – it’s out of our control. For the rest, the numerological analysis of tendencies and suitability of an individual to a particular area of ​​professional activity is carried out not to impede the freedom of the will of man, and forcing it into a kind of “beyond what is permitted.” On the contrary, the purpose of this analysis – to help avoid mistakes when choosing a profession and to protect it from the sad and sometimes dramatic consequences that such errors often lead.

Recommendations for choosing a profession based on the number of the day of birth

Example calculation, 01/01/2012
Your number of birthday-7

Recommended areas of activity: education, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, nutrition, law, cinema, radio, television, cartography, literature.

Featured occupations: teacher, scientist, inventor, researcher, psychologist, legislator, banker, broker, accountant, editor, lecturer, naturalist, astronomer, theologian, priest, minister, historian, chemist, engineer, lawyer, surgeon, statistician, an insurance agent, technician, detective, secret service agent, a criminologist, artist, musician, sound engineer, cutter, engraver, director of the restaurant.

Featured job: educational and research institutions, the media, the public security organs.

Additional information on the occupation

Analysis of the complete numerological card gives a very accurate and detailed forecast of a successful career person. The number indicates the path of life, if you have the natural talent. Expressions number indicates where to look for the opportunities. Spiritual aspiration – what actually wants your soul. Number of Maturity (Forces) shows what happens next. Inclusions map indicates how best to deal with what you have. Map of the expression suggests, as much as possible to choose a job. Life responses indicate obstructions on your way to the goal.

Rating professions (statistical analysis)

The above study is based on data from the most correct and impartial from the social sciences – statistics. You can believe or not believe in predestination, but ignore the fact that 90% of world-famous people whose birthday number and name the same as yours, have achieved outstanding success, for example, in art – at least, stupid. Therefore, if in numerology you – agrarian, and you dream of becoming an actor, act itself drama school, but do not rush to sell my grandfather’s house with a chicken coop.

Numerological analysis of the parameters of your card, as well as its comparison with maps of more than 8,000 well-known and prominent people of various professions will highlight the professional activities in which your success statistically most likely.

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