Are we suitable to each other?

Are we suitable to each other?

Today let’s learn how to determine the compatibility of people with the help of numerology. This is a very important technique, as it allows to know in advance what you can bring the relationship, how best to behave. If you have long to talk or live with someone, you can learn more about your relationship, may solve the problem of lack of understanding.

So, you need to perform simple calculations. Write the date of birth (his and his partner) in a row without zeros. Add up all the numbers. From this number subtract 22 until you do not get a number less than 22. This will be the index of your compatibility. For example. Victoria was born on 12.09.1970, and Rick was born 02.12.1968. write down all the numbers in a row without zeros. Fold 1 +2 +9 +1 +9 +7 +2 +1 +2 +1 +9 +6 +8 = 58. Subtract 22, we get 36, and again subtract 22. Hooray – Index = 14.

1 – In such a relationship will always be a question of leadership. Someone, usually a man, will seek to manage the relationship, to impose their will and their own laws. Try not to interfere in this matter, what good it will not. The creative, interesting, a lot depends on the attitude of partners, a lot can change. You may well be engaged in joint work.

2 – Soft, harmonious relationship. Kinship. Are you at a glance understand each other. Each of the partners rich inner world, a strong imagination. This is a very favorable attitude.

3 – A good relationship, which often lead to marriage. It may be the birth of a child. Relationships that bring money and stability. However, do not let others interfere in your life, especially the mother. This alliance will play a major role woman.

4 – The relationship, in which the main role is played by a man. A lot of passion and emotions. Do not let jealousy ruin everything. Do you want to completely own your favorite, and that is selfishness. Do not let gossip ruin your union.

5 – An important alliance in your life. This person will play a significant role. It can interfere with social differences. Or the difference of interests, views on life. Your partner will be your teacher and counselor. Or you will become a guiding star.

6 – the most harmonious of all the unions. This is the strongest marriages. Mutual love, harmony and peace. However, at first it may be difficult to fully understand each other. Do not worry, everything comes with time.

7 – Very moving relationship, a lot of change, travel, communication. A lot of volatility. May be cheating. Usually such relationships end quickly. Take your time with making important decisions about your loved one, because there is a big chance of error.

8 – It is rather a business alliance, not love. Or – karmic relationships. In a past life you were guilty to one another. In this life you have to work your mistakes. Such relationships are difficult to break. We have to work on yourself. It is not necessary to alter partner.

9 – The complex relationship – each on its own. You may feel very alone in this union. Lack of affection, attention, warmth. This alliance eventually disintegrates. It is also a one-way love. You love, and you do not! Or vice versa!

10 – a very happy relationship. It will bring success and good fortune. Man sent to your life as a lifeline. He greatly broaden the horizons of your ability. This may also be a relationship of convenience. In any case, all will end well!

11 – The complex relationship. Both partners are very strong character. Everyone is trying to dominate. Hence the conflict and discord. Can interfere with a third party. Treason. Need to adjust to each other, to compromise, otherwise the relationship fall apart. Very good compatibility in sex.

12 – You will go to great lengths for the sake of the relationship. It is always a sacrifice. You can put up a lot because of your love. These are complex, karmic relationships, unrequited feelings, resentment, misunderstanding. These relationships will leave a deep impression on your mind.

13 – Bad union. Sooner or later it will collapse like a house of cards – there is energy incompatibility between partners. Dangerous relationship. Possible violence in the marriage.

14 – Quiet, smooth relations. This is one of the best options for compatibility. You understand each other, have common goals and common interests. Long and stable relationship.

15 – Danger! Such an alliance is built on manipulation and blackmail. Someone tied the other of the partners. Strong sexual addiction. Perversion. Black magic. Spell! Try not to associate life with this man.

16 – Very unstable relationships. Constant swearing, quarreling. The result – a divorce. You are not right for each circle. Hazard ratio for both partners. Can have a strong influence loved ones. Energy vampirism.

17 – Perfect Union. You complement each other well. Man sent to you guardian angel. Great future. Co-creation.

18 – A lot of misconceptions and illusions in the relationship. You did not really get the people around you. Cheating infidelity. Go down to the ground. Risk of making the wrong choice. You can not use magic to harmonize relations. Especially, black spell!

19 – Good. Warm and harmonious. Birth of healthy and happy children. True love. Understanding. Support.

20 – In the first step, the relationship can be quite complex. You will adjust to each other. However, the problem will go away very quickly by the wayside. There will be strong feelings. Overall, this is a good relationship. The main thing to give time to get used to each other. This is a faithful friendship.

21 – Peace, peace, peace. Strong marriage. Serious. Taking care of each other. Great energy compatibility.

22 – Very unpredictable relationship. The thirst for freedom. Your partner may be very unusual man. This volcano, which at any moment could explode. Need to work hard to make these relations were smooth and calm. Likely to divorce!

Most favorable ratio – 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 14, 17, 19, 21

Most negative attitude – 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 22

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