Number 6, Six in numerology

Number 6 - Six in numerology

Numerology – Number 6, Six

6th date of born people (number 6 in numerology) are affected by Venus, and it means that is dominated by love and everything related to love and the opposite sex. Such people is characterized by a magnetic personality and a huge sexual attraction. Physical terms without being itself fully, they may be endowed with excellent appearance and phenomenal attraction.

With their manners and kindness they commit themselves in the opposite sex people, just as the flame attracts butterflies. These people are romantics and idealists and become almost his favorite slaves. They are very sensitive to their surroundings and, unless it is a means of living among the beautiful things. Those who are rich enough, can become angels. 6th date of birth a woman is proud of his house and would hinder the time guests. She likes, without regard to forces, to decorate your house to make it even more beautiful, and invite guests.

Emotional characteristics of number 6 people

All of these people live a full emotional life. They are by nature romantics and idealists-tendencies. Their passion for the emotional and sexual drive are carefully balanced, and they need both one and other. They love equally strongly with both the heart and the flesh. They are passionate lovers. Their love arouses both the mind and body. The opposite sex linked to their large physical attractiveness and charm. It can not be explained, it can only feel.

They love nature, they do blossom all the beautiful impression. These people are deeply affected by music, they are really aesthetic. They are true to their affection, longing for the ideal, and never betray it. which they rely. They are energetic and steadfast implementation of their plans, knows how to think clearly. Being idealists and romantics, they are also practical and hard-working out any work. This is one of the best figures since it has almost all the qualities: temperament, individuality, practicality and romanticism, sincerity, appeal and trust – close to the ideal set of features.

Negative characteristics of number 6

If the sixth date of birth shall be the man whom he trusted, he becomes vindictive, and his hatred is the same as love. In other words, these people are falling to extremes. Their hatred of the time rather than decreasing, but sometimes, on the contrary, is increasing. They hate the flame blow up to the end, doesn’t think about the evil consequences of it they can bring.

Number 6 people in relationship

These people get along well with everyone. They love and want to love them, and it usually happens. Their magnetic personality and charm attract. Relations with partners, they need only one feature – the ability to control his temper. Can not say that they are bad or short-tempered, but if they are out of patience, these people can go to extremes.

Lucky and unsuccessful dates of number 6 people

The lucky numbers – 6, 15, 24, 7, 16, 25.
Unsuccessful numbers – 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, 30.
Lucky dates – 6th, 15th, 24th
Lucky days – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
Bad months – May, October, November.
Lucky colors – all blue and blue and pink of all colors. Avoided blacks and dark violet colors.

Lucky stones – turquoise, emerald (emerald to a lesser extent).
Diseases – ear, nose and throat disorders. The diet should be used apricots, apples, mint, garlic and beans. Spend more time in fresh air.

Numerology experts recommends for number 6

This is one of the best numbers. Such people are truly and definitely, they love and love them. They are unforgettable. All the people around them care about and evaluate their properties, they may not hurt for no reason, because they are just as bad, being enemies, as well, being friends. If these people angry, they lose control of themselves and their weakness, they should overcome. Then they become sweetest people, friends and lovers.

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