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Life Path Number 3 characteristics

People of life path number 3 – characteristics overview The life path number 3 represents the Trinity is found in many religions and cultures, it also tells us about the connection and complementarity of opposites. People of this vibration and pour love shine your light on others, they are active, creative and extremely mobile. They … Continue reading

Numerology and Food

Food numerology We are, as you know, a lot of the world – good and different, but they all have something in common: every now and then eats. Do you know which foods are preferable for you and your loved ones? It depends on the nature of a particular consumer. In line with it, we … Continue reading

Numerology and Money

Numerology and money Many thousands of years ago, people had come up with what a short time later was valued above all else – money. From Pocono centuries and to this day, the powers that their time obtaining knowledge for the conservation, storage, augmentation of money, and this problem, after health, the most exciting topic, … Continue reading

Numerology Career and Business

Numerology and career Work is a major part of our lives. In it, we realize our identity, to show their physical and spiritual potential. The work rewarding, and not irritating to and routine, to correctly choose and work with enthusiasm. Admission to the school without calling to the profession, and just at the insistence of … Continue reading

Magic of Clock Time

Numerology – the study of numbers – was the world under different names. Its called science ten fixtures, teaching ten stars, secret ten pillars of the universe, wise book, consisting of ten palm leaves, secret end of the great sea. However, representatives of different magic schools agreed in opinion that all of the figures contain … Continue reading

Life path number 2 characteristics

People of life path number 2 – characteristics overview The life path number 2 symbolizes the connection and complementarity of opposites, interpersonal relationships, the relationship between man and woman, and the ability to give and take skill, which complement each other. Quality, the most characteristic for the owners of this vibration is willing to cooperate, … Continue reading

Life path number 1 characteristics

People of life path number 1 – characteristics overview According to the esoteric doctrine, life path number one is the number of Creation, and the original source of all energy. This number represents the beginning, the root cause of all things. Starting numerological scale one gives strength of character and individuality inherent in leaders. Holders … Continue reading